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Christmas Eve

(not Xmas eve, as the Challenge suggests.  Grrrr.  Blasphemy.)

Tonight is Christmas Eve, y’all.  It’s hard to believe we’ve arrived to December 24th already.

And the last week has been a whirlwind of weather.  We had snow for a week straight….the kids around here had two snow days in their last week of school (lucky ducks!), then we got hit with a massive ice/freezing rain storm.  And yesterday it snowed, then it turned to freezing rain, then rain then back to snow.   Power outages all across the county – if not the province.  (Picture it…December 23rd traffic and shopping madness….add in no power – no traffic lights, etc. CRAY-ZEE!!  Oh, an when you’re in a large department store and the power goes off, expect to be herded to the front of the store like cattle.)  Luckily, I didn’t lose power.  Winston and I stayed nice and warm and watched Christmas movies last night.  Poor guy had his booster yesterday and projectile vomited everywhere at least five times (well, five spots of kitty barf is what I’ve found so far) so he was happy to chill last night.

Anyway, tonight’s festivities are on….My dad is heading to pick up my granddad early this afternoon and he’s dropping me at Blair’s.  I’ll help him wrap and get things in order then we’ll head back to my parents’ house for our family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Rappie Pie.

My dad's Rappie Pie

My dad’s Rappie Pie

Which I am super excited about.  

My nephews will be playing and so wound up that they won’t want to eat.  

Boy #2 looking to see what trouble he can get into

Boy #2 looking to see what trouble he can get into

After dinner and a rest we’ll either hang out or go visit – or have visitors.  If we entertain we’ll be in the family room in front of the main Christmas tree (because my mom’s a nut and has a tree in pretty much every room).

Mom's tree

Eventually, I’ll want my photo taken because, well, I clean up nicely.

Christmas eve 2011

Christmas eve 2011

And we’ll remember those we love who are no longer with us.


RIP Aunt Linda *And my wonderful, incredible grandparents*

RIP Aunt Linda
*And my wonderful, incredible grandparents*

Usually, my mom and I (at least) go to church but last year our church’s Christmas Eve service was less focused on Christmas and Jesus and the celebration of his birth and more focused on other, more selfish things – not cool, church, NOT COOL.  So, I doubt my mom and I will be heading there this year.  We can certainly Praise Jesus elsewhere.

After a possible glass of wine and maybe a sweet treat, this girl will be zonked and ready to hit the sack.  And soon enough it will be Christmas morning.  🙂



My dad's Rappie Pie

My dad’s Rappie Pie

My dad’s father, my grandfather, is Acadian.  And every Christmas Eve that I can remember, my dad’s family would all gather at my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and we’d have a late dinner of  Rappie Pie.  It is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my life and my favorite food and I could eat it every day.

So every Christmas Eve (except when I was 9 and an uncle decided to make homemade Chinese food – which did not go over well, BTW) my family, my aunts, uncles and cousins would show up at the grandparents’ to spend time together, catch up, countdown to Santa….and finally dig into that delicious Rappie Pie.

But, since my grandmother passed away just a few years ago my mom and dad have been been making the Rappie Pie and hosting my grandfather and a few others on Christmas Eve and it’s sort of changed into the new tradition.  So far, it’s been working out.

And up until a few years ago we’d also participate in a huge family party on my mom’s side.  Back in the day it was earlier on Christmas Eve.  All my cousins and aunts and uncles on my mom’s side of the family would head to my mom’s parents house for gathering, finger foods, a gift exchange and hoopla.  Eventually this got to be too overwhelming to do everything on Christmas Eve (and also try to squeeze Church in between) so the family party got moved to the Sunday before Christmas.  We’d have a big potluck dinner and have such a fun gift exchange and just really enjoy being together.  My mom’s family are all very close and even in the midst of all the family chaos you could literally feel the thickness of the love in even the tiniest of rooms.

After both of my mom’s parents passed away the adults (because technically I am still a kid in this family) began taking turns hosting the party each year and no matter the travel or the weather, we’d still all make it to this event.  A few years ago Aunt Linda passed away suddenly and my Aunt Donna and her family moved to another part of the country.  And it just got to be too painful for my mom and uncles to continue this tradition.  And this year another uncle is in another part of the country so, for now, this tradition has been put to rest.  And each year this little hole is in my heart and I’m missing all of these wonderful people who I absolutely love so much and I look forward  to the day when those of us remaining can all be together again in even the tiniest of rooms.


PS I love you Tanya…I hope you’re not crying.  And I love you Donna….I KNOW you’re crying.