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Dance to Your Own Drummer

Remember the band, A-Ha?

They are a Norwegian pop group and back in the mid 80’s they had a smash hit “Take on Me” that topped the charts with it’s poppy, catchy beat. Do you remember it? If not, here’s a little refresher:

So, last Monday in Zumba class we danced a new routine to “Take on Me” but I had such a hard time focusing because all I really wanted to do was bust a move on my own to the song…reminiscing un-aesthetically pleasing 80’s dance moves that resembles something of a fit. I did my best to hold off and just follow along with the coordinated routine to make the most out of my fitness class.

However, when Thursday night’s class rolled around and the song was played, co-hort Tina and I just let loose and bounced around the room to our own drummers. I let the music get me.

And I don’t regret it. I went home that night and added the song to my iTunes so that it will always be on hand when Winston and I have our Friday night dance parties.

Don’t judge me.


A Love-Struck Romeo…

Yesterday we had gorgeous pre-Spring weather here in Nova Scotia.  It was sunny and warm and all the crappy feet of snow have melted over this last week (which, BTW, I was excited for as no snow will greatly help us out in the search for Mark Clarke who has been missing since February 4th: https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/missing-person/).  So, imagine my disgust when I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  I’m devastated.  I hate winter.  We’re six days away from hitting Spring and were soooo close yesterday but now we’re back to snow-covered ground again (it’s an ongoing joke that Nova Scotia has 4 seasons – winter, almost winter, more winter and road construction).

However, as I was opening my office this morning I happened to look out the window and saw a man dancing down the sidewalk thru the snow.  He reminded me of the delivery dude in the Romeo & Juliet scene in Empire Records (love!!).

(watch at 1:29 in)

The man totally made my Friday.  🙂

A happy one to you all!


PS: Yesterday morning I sent a message to my friend Anic saying “Happy Friday Friend!”  An hour later I sent another message “Oh shit…it’s only effing Thursday!  FML”

Her response: “Nahahah.”

It was a very.long.week.

From the Minds of Children

So, yesterday my friends Steve & Jaime (fellow asshole) were returning from a 3 week vacation/cruise.  Earlier in the week I’d sent Jaime an email with a link to a blog on choosing wolf sweaters which we both thought was hilarious because, I mean, come on, WOLF SWEATERS.  Jaime replied from the Fort Lauderdale airport and I decided to post our lame-o conversation.  (I’ve had to edit a bit because Jaime has a potty mouth.)


SandyLand:  I saw this blog and LedOL.  LOL.  I knew you’d appreciate it.  Something for us assholes to laugh at.
Jaime:  Omg that was awesome….was he serious??? Cause sometimes it was hard to tell lol
SandyLand:  I’m not sure but it was friggin’ hilarious.  I thought of you instantly.  Where ya at?
Jaime:  Sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport sweating my ass off its so EFFing hot in here….not so much outside…..got my jogging pants rolled up like shorts, I’m lookin’ good
SandyLand: Lol.  I DARE you to get up and start doing your shuffle dance across the floor.  Those people are never going to see you again.  🙂
Jaime:  Hahahaha….not when I don’t board till 11:25 I’m not. lol.  I’m so hungry and there is nothing good here to eat and I don’t wanna pay the prices too
SandyLand:  That sucks. I’m hungry too but I have food here. 🙂  Is stuff really expensive?  Oh wait…you’re at the airport….OF COURSE it’s expensive.LOL.
Jaime:  Yeah 3.50 for a muffin….I mean its big but not $3.50 big. lol they need some EFFin AC up in this bitch
SandyLand:  LMAO!!  You’re cracking me up.  MAYBE if you break out that dance people will give you money.  Put a hat or something down on the floor and say “Please, don’t be shy.” And then just rock out.
Jaime:  that’s a good idea….I’m waiting for the pizza place to serve normal pizza not breakfast pizza….sick
SandyLand: Gross.  Are there eggs on it?  *barf*   If you dance make sure Steve records.
Jaime:  IF I dance it would have to be recorded lol and yeah it had egg and bacon or sausage I mean I love pizza(understatement) and even i wouldn’t eat it


WWSD? (What Would Sandy Do?)



The other night I got a message from my friend Anic.  She had started a new job that day so I’d texted her asking her how it went.  She replied “good” except “I got lost and thought ‘Crap!  What would Sandy do?‘  Then, out of nowhere some gentleman happened to be walking past and I asked for directions.  He offered to walk with me because he was going that way.  We introduced ourselves.  His name is SANDY.”

I thought this was a) hilarious b) too cool to be a coincidence c) a sign that I should start a running post titled “What Would Sandy Do?

So…please, by all means, if you’re struggling with something, feel free to ask me what I would do.  In the interim here are a few mock up scenarios in case you’re ever in a pinch:

1) Not single or not interested but at a party/club where a dirty old man (or woman) who’s had entirely too much to drink will not stop hitting on you.  Unlike some people who would throw a fit or have him threatened or kicked out, I would Woo him!  Hells yeah.  Ask him what he’s making you for breakfast in the morning.  Tell him you have a 2 year plan (because, let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger and there’s no time for a 5 year plan) and you expect to have a ring on your finger within 6 months.  And don’t forget to talk about kids.  And destiny.  Ain’t destiny grand?  How it brought the two of you together on this winter’s eve.  And, if he’s getting a little fresh, don’t hesitate to announce, loud and clear to the entire room, that he should remove his hand from your ass.  Make him the center of attention.  Men love that.

2) Like Anic, if I were lost in a strange City, I too would certainly ask for directions.  OR, I would randomly break out into my own personal flash mob, dancing like a maniac, hoping passersby would throw change at me so I could go buy a map.  Flash mobs are cool.

3) At a Zumba class and don’t know the moves?  Forget the instructor.  Bust a move to your own drum.  In other words, make up your own dance moves and rock that joint.

4) Got a friend who’s a little klutzy?  If you’re walking along and he/she trips don’t bother to help.  GET YOUR CAMERA OUT and take as many candids as possible.

There is more to come…it’s been a long day.  I’m tired.  And hungry.  But mostly tired because, once again I did not sleep last night but had to get up, go to work, then the gym, then to Zumba.  I’m tired.  Did I mention that I’m tired?  So, if you deep concerning questions…please feel free to ask me WWSD?



The Street Dance

Dancing in the Street….duh!

When I was in elementary school, back in the 80’s, our towns hosted the Street Dance.  They were a blast!!  Especially to my pre-teenaged self.

Back in those days, in certain summer nights, the Town would shut down a certain street, turn up the music, and let us loose.

In school – striking a pose – preparing for the summer dance offs (that’s me in the yellow – awkward)

I remember huge crowds of people, mostly teenagers and youngin’s such as myself (and my best friend Jocelyn).

Jocelyn and me – Not street dancing but having fun nonetheless. xo

Our moms would stands on the side walks while we got Footloose and fancy free – attempting our Cyndi Lauper and pre-Vogue-Madonna moves.  It was clean, good natured fun.

We WISHED we were this cool

Eventually the events got moved to a mall parking lot but remained “the street dance.”

I don’t know if this type of thing still exists (and if it doesn’t, it totally should be resurrected!) in other communities, I know it doesn’t any longer in my communities.  (Tho several towns ’round these parts host outside movie nights.  Not quite the same thing, tho.)

I think my love of the street dance mostly stemmed from being so and sheltered and not having a lot any other girls to play with in my neighborhood (I was the only girl surrounded by a bunch of boys.  It sucked royally!) so getting out and acting like a kid AND a grown up with my best friend was so much fun.  I loved getting dressed up and rockin’ out my punky looks and just having fun.  Definite good times.

Always love my girls!

Does anyone have similar memories?



Past Saturday Nights

Hey Hey!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  I am super duper excited.  🙂

But, since it snowed like crazy today and I finished my running around this morning and I really don’t feel like getting my feet wet again today I’m home.  I made some yummy truffles and worked on getting a spilled coffee stain out of my carpet (suggestions, anyone??) and have been gabbing and watching Christmas specials….and now I figure it’s time to add a new post.  Thanks to my cousin Tanya for helping me select the topic for this eve.


YeHaw! Let's get our dance on!

Once upon a time I was super cool on Saturday nights.  I was the SHIT!!  Seriously.  I always had so much fun.  I wasn’t a big time partier but I was a big time “let’s have fun” type of gal.

Originally, I was lame and used to organize outings with people I worked with – movie nights and that sort of thing.  In our defence, we all worked the shitty morning shifts at our shitty jobs at Tim Horton’s and we were so tired and rarely outside of our little group.  But we always had fun.  Like I said, we’d do movie nights or game nights or just sit around and gab and eat food nights.  And sometimes we’d just drive around and have fun.  Good times in the Valley.  Regardless, we ALWAYS have laughs and fun.

 THEN, years ago, after a break up with an ex, I went thru a huge depression but one day decided I wasn’t gonna sit around and be sad and think about him (the ex) all the time….and I discovered dancing.  And here is where my story really begins.

Saturday nights (which actually, for me, began on Thursdays) were for dancing.  After my crappy shifts I’d go home and begin preparations for getting my groove on.  Thursday evenings thru Saturday evenings were reserved for me and my friends shakin’ our asses at our favorite bar.

Shooters, anyone?

But Saturday nights were always the best.  I never had to wait in a line up….and back in the day, if you weren’t to the bar by 8pm you were stuck in a line up.  Luckily enough, I had friends and always got in the back door (thanks guys!!).  I loved my Saturday nights.  I rarely RARELY drank which actually made my evenings even better.  I remembered everything that happened.  I didn’t feel like crap the next day.  And I always made it to work on time.

I was very rambunctious and friendly and just enjoyed being out.  The DJ reserved songs and would give us a shout out (“Sandy, this one’s for you, Baby…” cue Sweet Home Alabama or I Love A Rainy Night or You Shook Me All Night Long) and we’d dance and have a great time.  We’d bust out the Robot or break into the Running Man and we didn’t care.  It was so much fun.  And  for those special nights when I made my way to the City, Kim and I really just didn’t give a shit.  We’d dance and make fun of people and be complete fools and we loved every minute of it.

Kim & Me - NYE circa 2000

Getting a little older, I discovered new places to go….I enjoyed nights at the Pubs or hitting the Wick (http://www.unionstreetcafe.ca/) for wine and Open Mic night.  Some nights we’d go to karaoke (blog post coming soon: Karaoke Me) or to see a live band.   No matter what we did, it was always a good time.

Karaoke in College

I was great at making plans with and for my friends.  We had Girls’ night tons of times and even just sitting around the table at the pub and having a glass of wine turned into THE BEST NIGHT!  Every night seemed to be the best night.  And anyone’s birthday was a reason to party….to get dressed up and go out and have a great time.  *sigh* Where have those times gone?  I love my friends so much.  I kept good company.  I still do.  But I’m getting older and friends are marrying up and having babies and, to be honest, there’s not a lot of options for us to go out to anymore.  Boo.

One of Many Girls' Nights

The Start of a Great Night! (Vanessa, Amy, Heather and Me circa 2004)

BAAACK in the day I made my co-worker, Shane, my dancing bitch.  I dragged him out dancing with me one night and after that he was told he had to come out with me every night.  We had good times…dancing and being jerks.  Several years ago we ended up going out dancing again with some friends.  I wore a white tank top (*ahem* “wife beater“), a pair of jeans and a ball cap.  I really didn’t give a hoot about anything that night and wasn’t getting dressed up for anyone.  Let me just tell all you ladies out there….THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!  I’ve never been hit on so many times in my life.  The next time we all went out dancing again another woman in our group wore the EXACT same outfit trying to get the same reaction.  Lame.  Lisa, do you remember these nights?  Can you vouch for them??

Me and Shane and my "wife beater"...not sure where my top lip went.

All in all, Saturday Nights Rocked!  Back in the day.  Nowadays I usually spend my Saturday nights with Blair at home.  Kinda boring sometimes but the important thing is that we are together.  Once a month, I have a Saturday night to myself  when Blair is working his backshift and I TRY to make those nights count…unfortunately, I don’t do too much…usually a glass of wine with a friend.  Maybe this year I will start making Saturday nights more fun.  Perhaps I’ll start organizing Girls’ Night again and we can all head out to the pub or to the Wick or find some place to go shake our booties.  So ladies of my life, please be advised and prepared to start having fun.

Merry Christmas and all the best to you all and your families.



CHEESE!! A Birthday Week outing with Lisa-Lou.