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Coping with Covid

How is everyone’s isolation going?  This week hasn’t been too bad.  Especially since missing our wedding this past weekend, I am doing fairly well.

I must say that my first few weeks of isolation were not great for my mental health.  I’m too much of an extrovert and social butterfly (duh) to be kept from the rest of the world.  But, thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life and I am getting by and struggling a little less.

I have been teaching my boot camps and personal training via Zoom and other social media video platforms and that has been going pretty fantastic.  I’ve also been doing my own fitness thing – working out, running, walking, participating in a new 60 day challenge.  I’ve been reading – I finished John Grisham’s recent book and started a Candace Cameron book.   I’ve been engaging in some really great conversations.  We’ve been watching some really bad movies thanks to Prime and Netflix.  I mean seriously bad…so dumb, so lame.  I’ve been packing.  I’ve been snuggling with my cat a lot.  Thankfully she snuggles back.

I’ve been having weird nightmares since isolation began.  I’ve probably had 5 or 6 or 7 terrible nightmares.  The other night I woke up after having a nightmare.  The poor Man didn’t know what to think.  I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, and my heart rate was through the roof.  I’m not sure if they’re caused from stress or what…but I am not a fan.

Thankfully I am back to work for the next couple of days and then isolation for another week.  It’s great to get out of the house and see people.  I feel comfortable at work.  Although, we have all had our stressful moments.

So that is it for my little update…simply because I cannot think of anything to post.  I’m sure something will come to me.



So, back in February I posted here https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/oh-m-eye/ about my eye issue and possible upcoming surgery.  Well, this past Monday I went to see another eye surgeon (the best in the Maritimes, I’m told) and surgery is now a go.  A date has not been confirmed yet but paperwork has been sent to the hospital where the operation will take place.

This is my Facebook post heading to the City prior to my appointment: “Sandy is going to ‘see’ the eye surgeon to get her eye ‘looked’ at. Hehe.”

This is my Facebook post on my way back: “Surgery booked. Tears shed. Anxiety attack in progress. Lorazepam taken. Mmmmm Starbucks.”

Yep, once I found out some details, the risks, etc. I had a meltdown.  My poor mom had never been witness to one of my anxiety attacks but she saw one happen the other day…it freaked her out.  So much so that she got teared up.  Sorry Mom.

The worst part of the surgery (y’know, other than having my eye cut open and whatnot) is that I will not be able to work out for up to 6 weeks after.  WTF??  I’m having a hard time with that concept since I’m used to working out, at minimum, 6 days a week for the last 6 years.  This is NOT good.

I’m having a hard time with this idea people.  Here’s the thing:  I work out sick.  I work out injured.  I work out whether I feel like it or not.  I’ve worked from 7:30am till 11pm and gone for a work out after.  (Yes, I realize I have an issue with this).  I am seriously struggling with not being able to exercise on a daily basis.  (Apparently the risk of internal damage to my eye is quite high, and there’s also the risk of jarring out the stitches, etc.  See the dilemma?)

Anyway, I may need some support here, blog-world and friends, because the truth is, I’m way too stubborn and pigheaded and more than likely will not listen to doctor’s strict orders and will probably attempt to keep up with my regime.  Soooo…if anyone has suggestions on lower impact (a little higher impact than sleeping, please), I’m all ears.

Please and thank you.  🙂