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From the Minds of Children

So, yesterday my friends Steve & Jaime (fellow asshole) were returning from a 3 week vacation/cruise.  Earlier in the week I’d sent Jaime an email with a link to a blog on choosing wolf sweaters which we both thought was hilarious because, I mean, come on, WOLF SWEATERS.  Jaime replied from the Fort Lauderdale airport and I decided to post our lame-o conversation.  (I’ve had to edit a bit because Jaime has a potty mouth.)


SandyLand:  I saw this blog and LedOL.  LOL.  I knew you’d appreciate it.  Something for us assholes to laugh at.
Jaime:  Omg that was awesome….was he serious??? Cause sometimes it was hard to tell lol
SandyLand:  I’m not sure but it was friggin’ hilarious.  I thought of you instantly.  Where ya at?
Jaime:  Sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport sweating my ass off its so EFFing hot in here….not so much outside…..got my jogging pants rolled up like shorts, I’m lookin’ good
SandyLand: Lol.  I DARE you to get up and start doing your shuffle dance across the floor.  Those people are never going to see you again.  🙂
Jaime:  Hahahaha….not when I don’t board till 11:25 I’m not. lol.  I’m so hungry and there is nothing good here to eat and I don’t wanna pay the prices too
SandyLand:  That sucks. I’m hungry too but I have food here. 🙂  Is stuff really expensive?  Oh wait…you’re at the airport….OF COURSE it’s expensive.LOL.
Jaime:  Yeah 3.50 for a muffin….I mean its big but not $3.50 big. lol they need some EFFin AC up in this bitch
SandyLand:  LMAO!!  You’re cracking me up.  MAYBE if you break out that dance people will give you money.  Put a hat or something down on the floor and say “Please, don’t be shy.” And then just rock out.
Jaime:  that’s a good idea….I’m waiting for the pizza place to serve normal pizza not breakfast pizza….sick
SandyLand: Gross.  Are there eggs on it?  *barf*   If you dance make sure Steve records.
Jaime:  IF I dance it would have to be recorded lol and yeah it had egg and bacon or sausage I mean I love pizza(understatement) and even i wouldn’t eat it