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Christmas Wish List – Part 4

I’ve had this book, The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking, saved to my desktop at work for a long time.

Although I couldn’t really care less about gluten-free recipes, I am really into whole foods and clean eating.  I don’t practice clean eating all the time, but I am in love with the Whole 30 program and do it often.  In fact, I’m planning on a recharge at the start of the new year (anyone with me??).

This book has tons of plant-based recipes that look pretty easy and delicious.  It’s not high on my wish list, but I would love to try out some of the recipes.




Meatless Monday (Actually, it was Tuesday)

(I still love me some chicken!)

I’ve been trying to think of some groovy ideas lately to replace meat (on occasion, gimme my chicken and fish!) and thanks to Steph I came up with this delicious dish for my dinner last night:

Gourmet Portobello Mushrooms

I started off by soaking my mushrooms in a marinade all day.

The marinade was made of olive oil & red wine vinaigrette, garlic, dried onion, pepper, dried red peppers and other herbs and spices.  The mushrooms marinaded for about 8 hours.


When I was ready for dinner I heated a skillet and added a bit of the marinade to the pan (no extra oil for me) then added the mushrooms, more herbs and spices and some sliced red onion.


I grilled on one side for several minutes then eventually flipped the portobellos.


Once finished cooking I drained off excess marinade/oil, put on a serving plate and added fresh chopped tomato.

Pretty and delicious!