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Halloween Movie Countdown – Part 6

Carnival of Souls (1962)



I really wanted to like this movie.  Simply because the reviews and the statement that it’s become a “cult classic”.

Mary is involved in a car accident and decides to leave her town to move elsewhere and start anew.  She accepts a new job as a church organist and on her travels, becomes drawn to an abandoned carnival located near her new town.


In addition to that creep factor, she is constantly seeing an unknown man who seems to be following her.


No, he’s not creepy at all

Aside from the Creep and the carnival, Mary has spells of time where she loses hearing and becomes invisible to others…like she doesn’t exist.  Her reality brink is off and on.

Bus Folks

Um…no.  Just no.

It seems the 60’s had some bad overacting in films…especially this one.  Once I got past that and stopped rooting for the Creeper and his friends to take Mary out, the movie wasn’t that bad and it did have a nice little M. Night Shymalan twist to it.



Halloween Movie Countdown – Part 3


Tourist 1


This movie could have had so much potential.  Perhaps if it hadn’t have come out in 1979 or if it had had a bigger budget.  And maybe if the actors were better just a little better at their jobs.  Don’t get me wrong, it definitely had a creep factor…but it also had a huge fromage factor.  Totally campy.  But hey, isn’t that what the old school horror are about?

So the plot of the movie reads as follows: “A group of friends stranded at a secluded roadside museum are stalked by a masked assailant who uses telekinetic powers to control the attraction’s mannequins.  (As if mannequins weren’t freaky enough.)

I mean, come on!!  Tell me those things are scary as Hell!!!

The movie is very reminiscent of House of Wax.  They have very similar story lines…including a creepy brother.  And mannequins….did I mention the mannequins??

All-in-all, this movie wasn’t a completely bad watch.  So, grab yourself some popcorn, close the blinds, and settle in for a little creep show.

Halloween Movie Countdown – Part 2

From the Dead of Night (1989)

FromTheDeadOfNigh 2



My mom suggested I watch this movie.  It stars Lindsay Wagner (remember the Bionic Woman?), Robin Thomas (who, whenever I see him in anything say “it’s Geoffrey with a ‘G’ from Who’s the Boss?)  and Bruce Boxleitner (total 80’s heart throb…*sigh*).

I saw this movie years ago and completely forgot about it but when I re-watched it, I remembered most of it.  Weird how that happens.

So, the gist of this movie is Lindsay Wagner’s character has an accident and basically bites it.  She’s making her way through the bright white light and sees several figures on her journey.  But, her knights in shining armor revive her and bring her back to the land of the living.  But, turns out, she’s not the only one to come back.  The figures she sees while dead, follow her back, in the form of others, and one-by-one, they each try their turn at killing her…again.

I have to say…for a cheesy-what-was-probably-a-made-for-TV-movie in the 80’s, this one was pretty good.  Parts of it were creepy enough that I may have turned the light on once or twice in the middle of the night.

The best part of this movie tho….let’s be real…it was Bruce Boxleitner.  *Hubba Hubba*

There is something about that feathered hair that just makes my heart thump and puts a little grin on my face.

All in all, this was a decent movie…go watch it.


PS…I found it on YouTube. ;P

Halloween Movie Countdown – Part 1

As always, I’m counting down to Halloween with some horror/scary movies.  Time is tight these days, so I haven’t been watching much TV, but I’ve managed, so far, to get in a few movies here and there.


Back in the day, I’m sure this movie was a masterpiece, and ahead of its time. In fact, when reading the trivia on IMDB, it says that when this movie was originally in theaters, gimmicks were added such as a lighted plastic skeleton on a wire appeared from a black box next to the screen to swoop over the heads of the audience.  Imagine that back in ’59.

This movie had a good creep factor, thanks mostly to Vincent Price, but at first I thought it was very cheesy.  Then at one point, I got the wits scared out of me.  And then maybe again. It wasn’t a total horror movie (fine by me), but, again, I’m sure back in the 50’s/60’s it was completely spooky.

Haunted Hill 2

Let’s be honest, that thing is scary, and I don’t like that it keeps looking at me.  STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!

What really ruined it for me though was the character of Nora.  Ugh!  She was a constant whiner and screamer and I thoroughly wanted to punch her in the throat to shut her up. I’d hoped that at some point she’d bite it….but I’ll not spoil that for you.

All in all, this movie was a good one to watch to kick off Halloween season.


Halloween Movie Suggestions


With October and Halloween just around the corner, I am gearing up for my month-long movie fest.  However, this year I think I might need some help with what movies to watch.

I am looking for your suggestions to help with my horror-fest.  I’ve seen the Exorcist and will NOT be watching it again.  Please don’t ask me to spend any time with Pennywise because that certainly isn’t going to happen.  But, for the most part I am open to your referrals.  Last year I watched an oldie from the 60’s and it was creepily good.  This year on my list so far is Eyes Without a Face.  Eep!

Post a message in the comment section below with your choices and I will let you know if I add them to my list.


Happy Halloween!!

The Scariest Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Everyone Most people love a good little scare.  A little scare.  As I’ve mentioned, I love movies like Scream and Ghostbusters and The Craft….they’re scary in a fun way.  In my younger days I was the first one to jump up and say “let’s go to the haunted house*” – in the dark, in the middle of the night.

But some movies are too scary and I’ve often wondered why I ever even watch them.

The Exorcist

I’m not posting a photo of Regan’s face because I don’t want to have to look at it.

When I was in 11th grade a girl in my drama class loaned me the book, The Exorcist.  It was enthralling.  Well written; a little creepy but a good read.  And at the end I even choked up a bit at the loss of….well I’m not going to spoil it for you.

After reading the book I was determined to see the movie.  I was warned over and over that I shouldn’t watch it and to this day I wish I had heeded that advice.  SO FREAKIN’ SCARY!!

I watched it with my friend Ian and my aunt Donna in the middle of the night and was so scared I cried.  I was 17 and stupid.  I made Ian walk me home afterward and more than likely I slept with the lights on.

30 Days of Night

I hate this guy. He ruined my life!

Why oh why oh why did I do this to myself?  I went to see this asshole of a movie right after breaking up with my live-in boyfriend several years ago.  I don’t know why.  I went with my friend and former roommate, Sherry.  She and I used to watch scary movies all the time when we were teenagers and in our early 20’s.  So we decided to have ourselves a little date.  I should note that Sherry’s favorite holiday is Halloween and I don’t think anything scares her.  Ever.

As soon as we got to the theater and sat down I came to my senses and started rambling over and over “I don’t want to be here.  I don’t want to see this movie.”  I should have left but she talked me into staying forced me down and tied me to a chair and I was okay…right up to the point of the vampires’ appearance on screen. Then I was done for.

I’ve mentioned in posts before that I am very much into my faith (I’m not a perfect Christian, I swear and I yell at people and I can be an ass, but I am protective of my beliefs and my faith) and at one point the vampire leader made a comment about there being no God and it really pissed me off.

I was so scared watching this movie that I was bent over with my head down (so as not to see evil) and had my ears plugged (so as not to hear evil).

See what you did to poor kitty? Damn you scary movies!

When the movie was over and I headed home I called my cousin and begged her to stay at my place.  She was already tucked into bed but said she’d stay on the phone with me until I was home and safely in my house.  When I was home I called my mom and told her how scary the movie was.  She said “why don’t you come here for the night?”  So I said HELL YEAH! did.  I called my cousin back and made her talk to me until I got to my parents’ house.  I had a good sleep there.  Safe and sound.

Stephen King’s** IT

Pennywise any clown is scary enough on a good day…..

The following will contain spoilers but I don’t care.  I am doing a service for all the people who are like me.  The fact that I watched this movie without knowing my “friend” telling me what it was about was an injustice and I have been scarred for life.

..but whose fucking idea was this???????

I don’t remember anything about this movie except that it contained a crazy-ass killer clown (Pennywise) who turned into a giant-freaking-spider!  Do you know what two things I am absolutely terrified of are?  1) CRAZY-ASS CLOWNS 2) SPIDERS!!  THIS MOVIE WAS NOT MEANT FOR MY EYES!!!!!!!!

HAD my high school friend told me what it was about (she refused to…just told me “watch it..then we’ll talk.”  BITCH!!!  If I saw her on the street today I would punch her in the face.  That was not a punk, Barbara…..Ashton Kutcher would be displeased.

I CHOOSE…uh, not death.

(**My mother would not permit me to watch Stephen King movies.  She is a smart lady and I should have listened to her on more than one occasion.  Therefore I did not see this movie until I was 19.  She forewarned me about watching it.  I did not listen.  As I mentioned, I am scarred for life.  I don’t want to talk about this anymore.)

The Woman in Black

Oh Harry Potter…I liked you so much better when you were a Hobbit.
Let’s not do this again.

I desperately wanted to see this movie this past year when it was released.  I have no idea why.  I don’t like scary movies anymore.  But I begged Blair for months and months to take me to see it when it came out in theaters.  He did.  I regret it.  Scary.  Creepy.  Chilling.  *shiver*

I don’t like ghost stories.  I don’t like horror movies about children.

We did not go home directly after the movie.  We went for coffee (so that we would not fall asleep too early) and then to Walmart.  When he left for work in the morning I turned on 3 lights and put in earplugs (so as not to hear anything creeping up on me. )  Also, I slept with the lights on for several days afterward.

Honorable Mention:

Salem’s Lot

Sherry (mentioned above) and I rented Salem’s Lot one summer and were watching it in the early evening.  It was still daylight and the movie was so lame and drawn out and we were getting bored.  Until this thing popped up into a window onscreen:

He’s a little sensitive about his overbite. (Buffy, where are you?)

We weren’t expecting it (Salem‘s Lot – I thought it was about witches…WTF??).  We both screamed and I think we flew about 4 feet in the air.  There’s even the chance that I soiled myself.  Horrible movie.  But it succeeded in doing its job.

Happy Halloween!