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Something Happened on the Way…..

Here’s a funny little story to start your weekend off….it shows (sorta) the extent of my clumsiness.  🙂  Hope you get a chuckle.


Back in November (before the snow hit) I was out for a run.  Although it was early evening it was still quite dark so I had a keyring flashlight with me and was wearing a white tshirt, as I wanted to make sure I would not be a surprise to oncoming vehicles.

I had just started my run and could hear in the not-so-distant air the wail of police sirens.  Now, for those just reading or getting to know me I MUST make you aware that I am awaiting eye surgery for a “malfunction” in my left eye.  Because of this malfunction my vision in lefty is distorted and blurry and I have no depth perception.  So, as I continued my jog down the street the sirens got louder and eventually the police car was in sight – making its way around the bend and up the street toward me.

I turned on my mini flashlight and waved it around on the ground so that I could be seen and, as always with any approaching vehicle, I got off the pavement and onto the side of the road.  The police car did not slow down, although I’m sure he/she saw me, so I continued to move further and further away from the pavement, not aware just how close I was to the edge I was…until, just as the police car was about to pass me, I slipped…RIGHT INTO THE DITCH!  Down I went.  Totally humiliated (‘tho, no one was around and it was dark…still.). 

The worst/best part of my story is that the damn police officer didn’t even slow down or stop to see if I was okay (I’m sure there was an emergency somewhere).  So, here I am in the dark, scrambling to crawl my way out of the damn ditch before anyone else could see me.  The whole time cursing that cop and his stupid car. 


Happy Friday!