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By now you probably have figured out that I love my friends, that I was a huge fan of the show Eastwick and that my first Girlcrush was on Alyssa Milano.

So, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of the new show Mistresses on ABC. It debuted last week and after two episodes I am hooked (okay, I was hooked after the first episode).

Now, I’m certainly not condoning the topic of the show (cheating) but so far, it’s making for some good TV.
It’s one of those shows (like Eastwick) where you want to get together with a few girlfriends, break out a bottle of wine and just watch the shizz hit the fan.

It’s got all the elements you need:
A great cast with some familiar faces (Alyssa Milano, Sun from Lost, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Shannyn Sossamon) with some groovy cameos (Bo Duke, Warrick Brown from CSI, Brenda from Adventures in Babysitting), some sex, some drama, nice clothes, a little humor…It even has this guy from Eastwick

Hey...it's Max Brody from Eastwick (okay, his real name is Jason George)

Hey…it’s Max Brody from Eastwick (okay, his real name is Jason George)

And for comparison’s sake, let’s have a look at the posters for the two shows:



ABC PLEASE put this on DVD!

ABC PLEASE put this on DVD!

Okay, not identical but I’m sure you can see the similarities….right?

Anyway, after two episodes Mistresses is proving to be a really good show so grab your girlies, grab some wine, put your feet up and enjoy. (And do yourself a favor and go watch Eastwick online because that show totally rocked.)