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Christmas Wish List – Part 3

A Yellow Coat

I have been wanting that yellow leather jacket from Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I was 15.  But I’ve also been on the hunt for a yellow winter coat for a good 10 years now too.

Yellow Coat

Look at how pretty…..

And I’m not super picky…as long it’s the right color of yellow and is long enough to cover my butt, and looks good….I’ll be happy.

Think Faith Hill in her Stealing Kisses video….


Okay, so the bow is super cute, but I really don’t think this one is a winter coat…it needs to cover my neck!  Still cute tho.

Remember – butt and neck need to be warm.



Snowpocalypse in Nova Scotia

I kid you not……

Remember my last post about my new car??

MissingHondaYeahhhhhh……it’s buried under there somewhere.


Living in a Christmas Card

So, it’s been snowing here in Nova Scotia for nearly 3 weeks straight.  It’s ridiculously cold – and not just to me, the girl who has her space heater on in the summer, but to everyone.  It’s -18 (and -30 with the wind chill).  And we’re under blizzard warning for tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh.  Effing Winter!  And the worst news is that we still have 3-4 months left of this.  *sad face*

And to make cold matters worse, the heating was broken in my office today and the AC stuck on.  Picture this lady not happy.  I wore my winter coat, scarf, hat and boots all day at work.  Then, after 6 hours in, we left and I went and picked up some sushi and am chillin’ (literally) before my classes tonight.  Thank goodness for my workouts this evening, I think it’s the only way I’ll heat up.

So yeah, back to the weather – snow, snow, major freezing rain/ice storm, snow, snow, more snow, more freezing rain…you getting the picture?  Here, let me show you what it looked like Christmas morning:

Ignore that thing in the middle of the window - it's a mount for the GPS

Ignore that thing in the middle of the window – it’s a mount for the GPS

We totally had to swerve left and right to avoid the trees in the road - they were completely bent over because of the weight of the ice

We totally had to swerve left and right to avoid the trees in the road – they were completely bent over because of the weight of the ice

There's a building under there.....can y'all see it?

There’s a building under there…..can y’all see it?

Ahhh....this tree was once standing upright....not so much anymore.

Ahhh….this tree was once standing upright….not so much anymore.

It’s all very pretty, but damn it’s cold!  And slick.  And slippery.  And did I mention cold???  Brr!!  Allow me to reiterate: BRRRRRR!!!!

Thank goodness for Christmas gifts of fleecy PJs and fuzzy socks.  And let me be the first to admit I AM NOT ABOVE wrapping my feet in plastic bags to ensure my socks don’t get wet in my boots.  I will take whatever measures necessary to stay warm and dry and I am on the countdown to Spring and thawing out.

Wishing you all a warm start to the New Year.

Happy 2014.



Christmas Eve

(not Xmas eve, as the Challenge suggests.  Grrrr.  Blasphemy.)

Tonight is Christmas Eve, y’all.  It’s hard to believe we’ve arrived to December 24th already.

And the last week has been a whirlwind of weather.  We had snow for a week straight….the kids around here had two snow days in their last week of school (lucky ducks!), then we got hit with a massive ice/freezing rain storm.  And yesterday it snowed, then it turned to freezing rain, then rain then back to snow.   Power outages all across the county – if not the province.  (Picture it…December 23rd traffic and shopping madness….add in no power – no traffic lights, etc. CRAY-ZEE!!  Oh, an when you’re in a large department store and the power goes off, expect to be herded to the front of the store like cattle.)  Luckily, I didn’t lose power.  Winston and I stayed nice and warm and watched Christmas movies last night.  Poor guy had his booster yesterday and projectile vomited everywhere at least five times (well, five spots of kitty barf is what I’ve found so far) so he was happy to chill last night.

Anyway, tonight’s festivities are on….My dad is heading to pick up my granddad early this afternoon and he’s dropping me at Blair’s.  I’ll help him wrap and get things in order then we’ll head back to my parents’ house for our family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Rappie Pie.

My dad's Rappie Pie

My dad’s Rappie Pie

Which I am super excited about.  

My nephews will be playing and so wound up that they won’t want to eat.  

Boy #2 looking to see what trouble he can get into

Boy #2 looking to see what trouble he can get into

After dinner and a rest we’ll either hang out or go visit – or have visitors.  If we entertain we’ll be in the family room in front of the main Christmas tree (because my mom’s a nut and has a tree in pretty much every room).

Mom's tree

Eventually, I’ll want my photo taken because, well, I clean up nicely.

Christmas eve 2011

Christmas eve 2011

And we’ll remember those we love who are no longer with us.


RIP Aunt Linda *And my wonderful, incredible grandparents*

RIP Aunt Linda
*And my wonderful, incredible grandparents*

Usually, my mom and I (at least) go to church but last year our church’s Christmas Eve service was less focused on Christmas and Jesus and the celebration of his birth and more focused on other, more selfish things – not cool, church, NOT COOL.  So, I doubt my mom and I will be heading there this year.  We can certainly Praise Jesus elsewhere.

After a possible glass of wine and maybe a sweet treat, this girl will be zonked and ready to hit the sack.  And soon enough it will be Christmas morning.  🙂




Okay, I don’t actually have a fireplace (maybe this should be on the Christmas Wish List) but today we had our first biggie snow storm – which sucked because I had my Elegant Ugly Sweater Party planned for today and now it’s on the postpone list – so, after shoveling a crapload and a half of snow I finally got a bunch of things done around the house that needed to be started finished for Christmas…INCLUDING making cookies (which I wanted to have for the party today so I’m thinkin’ it’s probably some sort of blessing in disguise that Mother Nature is a super bitch and I got stormed in).

So, my oven’s been going for quite some time and I’ve got tons of cookies made so the house is nice and cozy.  And now I’m sucking back a bottle glass of wine and about to enjoy yet another Christmas movie (which means I’ll have to surrender my Sleep Hollow episode and Tom Mison for the day – although, Tom Mison could probably keep me warm too – albeit, he is kinda skinny – but we could figure it out).

Give the boy a burger and send him my way...

Give the boy a burger and send him my way…





Ya know, back in the day, here in Nova Scotia, we’d already have 100 feet of snow by December.  But, we haven’t been blessed with too much of it lately – I’m blaming it on global warming.  We’ve had a teensy bit here and there, and some freezing days, but it’s been unusually warm for the most part.  Yesterday, for instance, could’ve been a skirt day – it was warm and rainy and kind of depressing.  But, I’m no fool….I know Mother Nature has got some tricks up her sleeve and pretty soon I’ll be bitching that I hate winter and can’t wait for flip flop season again.