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A to Z Challenge (W)

W – Weekend


Oh what a weekend.  As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend is the Annual Apple Blossom Festival in my neck of the woods.  And, I can attest, it has been a fantastic weekend.


A to Z Challenge (V)

V – Valley

AZ Book

I live in the Annapolis VALLEY and this weekend is the 87th Annual Apple Blossom Festival.  Which means, there are fireworks and a parade, and a fair, and tons of bands and dances and music and food and drink.  And lots of people.  Lots and lots of people.  It’s basically a homecoming for us.  I’m excited.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom from days gone by


O’ Christmas Tree

Last night it snowed.  And it snowed a lot.  At least it snowed at Honey Boo Boo’s.  It came down fast and heavy and covered the ground and the trees with a fierceness and a beauty that only December can bring.

And now it’s Sunday evening and it is raining – heavy and wet and mixed with ice.  Rain that is coming down so fast and heavy with its own fierceness, I can hear it beating off the window.  Weather that seemingly only Nova Scotia can bring.

And I’m pissed!  I was all set to go to a community Christmas Tree lightening tonight with my BFF and her little one.  My first tree lighting/community anything in a very long time.  In fact, I was more than set.  I was there.  I parked just on the outskirts of town, all bundled up, and I walked to the centre where the “show” was supposed to happen.  It had just started a bit of freezing rain when I left and I had my umbrella in hand, but I didn’t expect the down pour that’s happening outside right now.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I brought it.

Once Spanky and her mini-me and family arrived, we were told that the tree lighting happened a half hour before.  Uh, what?  It was supposed to happen at 6pm!  But those mofos lit that damn tree up at 5:30. Grrr.

So, since it was raining, there was no point in standing around in the cold and damp, we said our goodbyes and I declined a drive back out of town to my car.  I wanted the walk, regardless of the weather.  And since I missed a tree lighting, I decides to take a picture of the decorated lawn trees I passed on my way in and out of town.


YUP.  There you go.  Rather pathetic isn’t it?

Ah well…It was a short 40 minute adventure that I rather enjoyed.



Lone Ballerina

I was sick a lot when I was little.  I was in and out of the hospital – usually with pneumonia – and I missed out on a lot of things.

I remember one year I was supposed to go outdoors ice skating with my Brownies group.  But I was sick again and not able to go.

I am pretty sure I whined about that excursion quite a bit because one weekend, right around Christmas, my dad packed me up and took me to a pond (just off the highway connector) so that I could skate.  It wasn’t as much fun as being with a bunch of my Brownie friends, and we weren’t out for long, but I remember it well.  I slid and slided and skated over that ice like I was a ballerina – even in my snowsuit (Nova Scotia winters are cold y’all) – the shine from the sun my spotlight.  And then it was time to go.


And every time I pass that pond, usually with ducks sitting in it or cows grazing around it, I think of my skating excursion.



Christmas Wish List – Part 3

A Yellow Coat

I have been wanting that yellow leather jacket from Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I was 15.  But I’ve also been on the hunt for a yellow winter coat for a good 10 years now too.

Yellow Coat

Look at how pretty…..

And I’m not super picky…as long it’s the right color of yellow and is long enough to cover my butt, and looks good….I’ll be happy.

Think Faith Hill in her Stealing Kisses video….


Okay, so the bow is super cute, but I really don’t think this one is a winter coat…it needs to cover my neck!  Still cute tho.

Remember – butt and neck need to be warm.


Fight Club

If you are from my hometown then you are more than likely familiar with JR’s.  If you’re not familiar then let me give you a little background:
JR’s was this little bar – similar to a honky tonk, I’m guessing – that was dark and grungy and known for the people it attracted (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down) and the fights that broke out.  It was not my bar of choice, in fact, when I turned 19 and was old enough to drink and go out to the clubs, my mother nearly forbade me from going to JR’s.  She didn’t actually forbid me, which is why I did go to that spot on occasion, but it definitely was not my cup of tea. Nor my first choice of dance clubs.
One summer, however, my BFF Kim and I had planned to go to JR’s.  It was her first time going and it was a big deal.  It was the summer of Ghetto Superstar and we could hardly wait to rock out on the dance floor to that song.  (Lord, I’m getting old!)  The bar was packed.  There is a military base just outside of our town and Saturday nights the boys let loose.  JR’s was the bar of choice for these cats.  There is also a lot of agricultural business in and surrounding my communities – lots of farming of many types.  And a lot of farmers hired outside of Nova Scotia, back then mostly Bajans (read: Barbadians).
The military folk were cocky – arrogant SOBs who walked around like they owned the town, and the Bajans would hit on anything walking upright.  These two groups clearly did not see eye-to-eye.  (But then again, the military boys didn’t really see eye-to-eye with anyone.)
And then there was us:  locals.  Valley peeps just out for a good time, having a few drinks, dancing our butts off, and hanging with friends and people we knew from high school.
This night was special though.  Kim was my best friend.  I always felt like we were soul mates.  I partly credit her for helping me bust out of my shell and becoming the hilarious girl I am today; and I had promised her for so long that we would eventually go out to JR’s and we would dance our dance to Ghetto Superstar and it would be a fucking blast! And the night went pretty perfectly.  We danced.  We had a few drinks.  We mingled with friends.  It was summer and the night was young fun.
Ghetto Superstars

Oh my God the 90’s!  That’s me and Kim, Betty and Veronica (I’m the brunette) , the terrible two, gearing up for one of our infamous adventures in SandyLand.

Several times while we were on the dance floor, however, this young, drunk punk kept bumping into us.  The guy wasn’t very big but he was completely wasted and he was perpetually on the dance floor (alone) bumping and knocking and grating on everyone’s last nerve.  Y’know at first, everyone was like “Meh, it’s all good.  We’re cool.”  But after so many times you kind of can’t handle much more.
There was another young couple on the dance floor.  The guy was clearly military and he and his girl were dancing and making out – but minding their business and having fun.  McBumpy danced into them a few times and Military boy was obviously getting more and more annoyed.
When Ghetto Superstar was finally played Kim and I made our way to the center of the dance floor and broke out our dance moves.  We were stoked and we were literally having the time of our lives!  Then it happened, McBumpy bumped me again and again and again.  I know the poor dude was just out for a good time and should have been cut off long before, but I was seriously irritated and when he bumped me for the last time I made sure it was the.last.time.
I shoved him….and bam!  He cascaded right into Military dude and his woman.  Needless to say, Military dude had had enough by this point and he shoved him back, and then he smoked McBumpy.
This is where it gets realllllly interesting.  It was like a domino effect, but in reality, it was just the nature of JR’s.  Because right after Military dude punched McBumpy, someone else punched someone else.  And then someone else punched someone else….until a full-out brawl broke out.  I’m not even kidding.  It was like something out of a movie.  Dozens of people were fighting.  Even the bouncers were sucker-punching people (again, the nature of JR’s).  It was REDONKULOUS!
I grabbed Kim’s hand and we made our way outside of the bar as we ducked and avoided getting the shit beat out of us. Once outside, the scenery was exactly the same – fights were erupting everywhere.  Bajans and Military and Homeboys and Locals and Bouncers.  It was chaos.
One of my friends, who happened to be a former boxer, got a tap on the shoulder in the midst of all this.  When he turned around he got sucker-punched.  Big mistake!  I can still hear the sound of his fist connecting with the other guy’s face!
In the midst of this chaos Kim and I were trying to decipher what the hell we should do and how to get out of that bruhaha.  In the distance, we could hear the sirens wailing, and they got closer and closer.  Still holding hands, Kim and I bolted through the crowd, dodging fists and slaps, and ran through the back parking lot, through what can only be described as a tiny field back then; running, running, behind buildings, to safety – and far away from what was likely the biggest fight in JR’s history.  While we were getting out of Dodge, we looked back and saw NINE police cars already at the bar!!  I didn’t even realize our little town had nine police cars!  I’m sure more came later.
We roamed, quietly, the streets for a while, staying out of sight, until the hoopla died down, and eventually made our way back to my car and headed home.  But the night was so insane that, even though it was probably already 3am, we were so wound up from our crazy adrenaline rush that there’s no way we could have slept.  So, we drove to my church parking lot and climbed onto the hood of my Chevy Blazer (Dave) and stared at the stars.  The smell of summer is not something one can easily forget.  And that night is still vivid in my memory.  After a while of us just laying there in silence we cracked.  Uncontrollable laughter of what had just happened.  And all because we wanted to dance in peace.  That night we were ghetto superstars!

It’s My Boyfriend’s Birthday!

Okay, not my real boyfriend. It’s my Blair-gives-me-permission-just-like-Rachel-gave-Ross-permission-in-that-episode-of-Friends-with-Isabella-Rossellini-pretend-boyfriend.

Today is Cole Hauser’s 40th Birthday.

via source

via source

This guy who I’ve fantasized over since I was 15.

via my dreams

via my dreams

And I haven’t been 15 in a very, very long time (*ahem* although I am still claiming I’m 23 so, y’know, just for shits and giggles let’s all keep that between us, shall we?).

And the first thing I saw him in (when I was 15) was School Ties when he looked like this:

It's that red hair.....

It’s that red hair…..

I’ve supported his career since day 1 – which included (Tanya R., I’m soooo sorry to admit this/disappoint you) boycotting FRIENDS (oh, the horror!) because it was up against Cole’s show High Incident and I really wanted the ratings to pull through.  I did my best, Cole. I.Did.My.Best.

Look at that adorable little face in the center.

Look at that adorable little face in the center.

I’ve even blogged about him in the past: for instance, here and here.

I’ve watched his “Dinner for Five” appearance a dozen times (which, frankly, was a great little show and you should YouTube the episodes)….the Rory Cochrane story at the end of the episode is hilarious! – check it out: .

And I was super elated to find out he was in Halifax – a mere hour away from me – this past fall filming The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.  How I did not know this information BEFOREHAND pissed me off….Blair and Stephanie (who has been by my side since School Ties) did their best to console me.  Clearly, I was devastated but here’s hoping he comes back to Nova Scotia to make it up to me film again.

Now that I’ve professed my undying and long-lasting love for this guy (one of the longest relationships I’ve ever had), here’s to wishing him a happy birthday.


Gym Love

Man! Time is flying by. It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of May (especially here in Nova Scotia where most of this last week has been C.O.L.D!)….it’s been a busy month and, with classes and the gym, studying and fulfilling maid-of-honor duties and writing my exam last week, I’ve had no time to myself. Until last night where I FINALLY got to lay on my couch like a butt and watch a movie. First time in a very long time and I loved it. *le sigh*

Anyway, back to carrying on with my Find It in Everything theme, I was at the gym the other night and using my old buddy the Smith Machine and something caught my eye….I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it before:

Do you see it???

Do you see it???

I guess I really am finding it in everything. 🙂


Living in a Christmas Card

So, it’s been snowing here in Nova Scotia for nearly 3 weeks straight.  It’s ridiculously cold – and not just to me, the girl who has her space heater on in the summer, but to everyone.  It’s -18 (and -30 with the wind chill).  And we’re under blizzard warning for tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh.  Effing Winter!  And the worst news is that we still have 3-4 months left of this.  *sad face*

And to make cold matters worse, the heating was broken in my office today and the AC stuck on.  Picture this lady not happy.  I wore my winter coat, scarf, hat and boots all day at work.  Then, after 6 hours in, we left and I went and picked up some sushi and am chillin’ (literally) before my classes tonight.  Thank goodness for my workouts this evening, I think it’s the only way I’ll heat up.

So yeah, back to the weather – snow, snow, major freezing rain/ice storm, snow, snow, more snow, more freezing rain…you getting the picture?  Here, let me show you what it looked like Christmas morning:

Ignore that thing in the middle of the window - it's a mount for the GPS

Ignore that thing in the middle of the window – it’s a mount for the GPS

We totally had to swerve left and right to avoid the trees in the road - they were completely bent over because of the weight of the ice

We totally had to swerve left and right to avoid the trees in the road – they were completely bent over because of the weight of the ice

There's a building under there.....can y'all see it?

There’s a building under there…..can y’all see it?

Ahhh....this tree was once standing upright....not so much anymore.

Ahhh….this tree was once standing upright….not so much anymore.

It’s all very pretty, but damn it’s cold!  And slick.  And slippery.  And did I mention cold???  Brr!!  Allow me to reiterate: BRRRRRR!!!!

Thank goodness for Christmas gifts of fleecy PJs and fuzzy socks.  And let me be the first to admit I AM NOT ABOVE wrapping my feet in plastic bags to ensure my socks don’t get wet in my boots.  I will take whatever measures necessary to stay warm and dry and I am on the countdown to Spring and thawing out.

Wishing you all a warm start to the New Year.

Happy 2014.



A Haunting in Nova Scotia

I really should have (wanted to) posted this in October, prior to Halloween to go along with my spooky blogs but I forgot became extremely busy.  So you’re in luck because I’m posting this now.

Years ago when I was shacked up with my ex, we moved my TV into the bedroom and put his TV in the living room because it was bigger and newer.   One night, after the TV had been in our home for a while, I woke up to noise.  I jumped out of bed and sure enough the TV was blaring out in the living room.  I woke up Butthead (yeah, I think that’s what I’ll call him) thinking maybe he had set some timer or something but he had no idea so we turned the TV off and went back to sleep.

A few days later the same thing happened.  Middle of the night, Sandy is sound asleep and *BAM* the TV is screeching out in the living room.  WTF?  Butthead and I tried to figure out if there was some sort of reverse timer on it akin to the “sleep” timer for the TV to turn on but neither of us had ever heard of that before and we couldn’t find anything with the remote or menu.  After this had been happening for several months – either with the TV turning on in the middle of the night or me coming home from work to the TV on and loud I just assumed that I was being haunted by the ghosts of TV shows past.  And although it freaked the hell out of me, I sort of just got used to it.

But one night while Butthead was away and I was alone and half asleep I heard it happen – I heard the TV start up so I jumped out of bed, ran into the living room and threw on the lights and looked on to a scene similar to this:

arrow-downarrow-downkittyOur asshole cat was jumping to the top of the TV and reclining.  And unbeknownst to us, there were ADDITIONAL ON/OFF/VOLUME buttons on the top of the TV.  We had no idea.  There were buttons in the front and we thought that was it.  So, our haunting was merely the result of a badass kitty lounging somewhere she did not belong.

It’s funny now.  Actually, it was funny then and believe me, I sure did breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I was not being haunted by shows that had been put to rest – or anyone/thing else for that matter.