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Dance to Your Own Drummer

Remember the band, A-Ha?

They are a Norwegian pop group and back in the mid 80’s they had a smash hit “Take on Me” that topped the charts with it’s poppy, catchy beat. Do you remember it? If not, here’s a little refresher:

So, last Monday in Zumba class we danced a new routine to “Take on Me” but I had such a hard time focusing because all I really wanted to do was bust a move on my own to the song…reminiscing un-aesthetically pleasing 80’s dance moves that resembles something of a fit. I did my best to hold off and just follow along with the coordinated routine to make the most out of my fitness class.

However, when Thursday night’s class rolled around and the song was played, co-hort Tina and I just let loose and bounced around the room to our own drummers. I let the music get me.

And I don’t regret it. I went home that night and added the song to my iTunes so that it will always be on hand when Winston and I have our Friday night dance parties.

Don’t judge me.