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Minnie Driver and a Cuppa Joe

When I was in high school I started working at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop.  I worked there for 6 years.  And I never drank coffee.  Ever.

I couldn’t stand the stuff.  My dad is a coffee drinker – although I think he preferred instant back then, and my mom is a life-long tea drinker.  But neither were for me. In fact, the smell of the coffee at Tim’s gave me terrible heartburn.  I didn’t even know that was possible but it happened.  Often.
In school, kids would stroll into class with their morning brew in their refill mugs and I would think “WTF?  Why are they drinking that ghastly stuff?” Especially because, y’know, we were kids.  So, I went through all these years of my life not drinking coffee.
Then one year, in my very early twenties, I went to Montreal with a few friends for my birthday weekend.  Two of them had a sporting event, which I watched the first day and was so exhaustingly bored that I wanted to punch myself in the face just to stay awake, that I decided on day two to stay behind in the hotel and hang out by myself for the day.  I had some adventures on my own, which, back then was totally unlike me.  I hated doing things alone.  I needed someone with me at.all.times. (Thankfully I have grown out of that and love having my independent adventures.  I wish I could go back to that hotel in Montreal and LIVE IT UP!)
On a stroll around the hotel on my own I came across one of the cleaning ladies’carts. It had an InStyle magazine on it, which, undoubtedly was left behind by one of the other guests after checkout.  So, being the badass that I was I snatched the magazine off the cart and kept on my merry way.
Back in my hotel room I devoured the entire magazine, reading each and every article. Actress Minnie Driver was the cover girl and there was a huge fashion spread with Minnie as the model, accompanied by a big article on her.  At one part in the interview she talked about getting up in the morning and sitting on her porch in her robe, reading the paper, taking in the scenery, while having her morning coffee.
Minnie Driver Instyle

This is the magazine I ripped off from a cleaning cart.

What?  Is this what adults do?  Is that what I’m supposed to do?  Be a grown up and read the paper* and drink coffee and wear a robe??  (*In my defense, I totally read the newspapers when I worked at Tim’s.  They were free reads while on our breaks in our tiny little break room.  And it was race to do the Lexicon first on Saturday!)
For some reason, that little article on Minnie has stuck with me all of these years since (and more than likely I probably still have the magazine in a box of other magazines or a desk drawer somewhere around my house).  And so, as the years have passed I have made my attempts to become a grown up and drink coffee in the mornings.  For a very long time I failed miserably.
And then one day it happened.  I had a cup of coffee.  Like a real grown up.  Maybe it’s because my taste buds have changed since I’ve gotten older – or since I started drinking wine), but I no longer cringed at the smell or the taste of a good brew.  I actually look forward to a small mug of joe in the mornings.  And, although I could never drink it black, I can enjoy a cup with just a little unsweetened almond milk or blended with a spoonful of coconut oil when I’m doing a Whole 30 program (aka eliminating sugar and all processed foods in all forms, etc.).
Summer is my favorite time – when I can sit outside in the sunshine while reading a book and taking in the scenery.  And I love weekend mornings when I can get up and put on a small pot and relax on the couch before getting my day started.  Drinking a little coffee in the morning makes me feel like I’m finally adulting.  (And thank goodness for Starbucks and whip for when I want to be a kid pretending to adult.)
I’m still working on the robe, though.  I have a few but I like my PJ pants and fleece socks and Banana Republic dresses to sleep in and lounge around the house in.  I’m not Mrs. Roper!
Isn’t it funny how one little thing can change your perspective?  Something as small as a cup of friggin’ coffee in the mornings.
Morning coffee



End of Summer

Today is the last day of August and already it feels different.  Every year at this time I get a little nostalgic.  There’s something about the end of summer and the start of September and Fall that make me feel different: a little sad, a little reflective, a little excited.

Truth be told, although I love summer and the beautiful and warm golden sun that beats down and browns my skin, there’s something in the September air that is simply different.  The air smells different, the wind blows differently, and the sun shines differently, as if it’s shining in a whole other time.  

With the end of hazy summer beach days comes the excitement of so many things to come with the next few months.

1) September is tomorrow and that means the onset of EVERYTHING PUMPKIN!!!  

Yes. Yes one can!!

Yes. Yes one can!!

From pumpkin pie to pumpkin tea and pumpkin coffee and pumpkin decorations (OMG I live for glitter pumpkins)

Glitter pumpkin

I live for pumpkin.  I love it and I’m extremely excited (since the closest Starbucks is an hour away by highway) that Tim Horton’s will be serving (finally!) even more pumpkin shizz on their menu – starting soon.  Like, maybe tomorrow.

Pumpkin Ice Capp?  Uh, yes please!

Pumpkin Ice Capp? Uh, yes please!

2) The Change in Scenery

This will soon be my skyline for the next several months.


I swear I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The leaves have already begun to change and soon I’ll be stepping on crisp, multicolored leaves.

Who needs a red carpet when you have this at your footing?

Who needs a red carpet when you have this at your footing?

And who needs million dollar works of art when you can just look out your window?



3) Outdoor Exercising

I love running.  And I love running outside even more.  But, I’ve made the mistake of running in 32 degree summer hell heat and nearly killed myself so for the most part of summer I reserve my running for the treadmill.  Now that the cooler weather has started slowly to make its way back into my life I’ve been getting outside for runs more.  And I’ve been running boot camp outside all summer and plan to continue classes outside into October – because, really, who needs air conditioning when you have crisp fall air AND why wouldn’t you want to be outside in the colorful landscape?


4) Fall Fashion

I always loved back-to-school shopping.  I loved the colors and the textures and the plaids (oh how I loved plaids).  I loved the golds and the browns and the burgandys.  And there is something so wonderful about the relaxed sophistication of a cozy, chunky sweater.  Add a scarf, the right pair of boots and you have yourself the perfect fall outfit.

fall Coat

5) Slow Cooker Meals

There’s something comforting about being home on a Sunday, chillin’ with your loved ones or watching a movie and knowing there is a warm dinner in the slow cooker.  I really only discovered my slow cooker around this time last year and I am quite excited to use it more this coming season.

6) My Birthday is Coming!

My birthday is in October.  That is all.

No wait, that’s not all.  My birthday is in October.  I’m a princess.  Every year I celebrate birthday week. I start the countdown one month before my birthday. It excites me.  Did I mention I’m a princess???

MOM!!  Make me this shirt please!!

MOM!! Make me this shirt please!!

I also have no shame.

Bday week

7) Halloween is Coming

I love Halloween.  I love the spookiness of it.  I love Halloween movies, except, I don’t like being scared.  I’m going to try to get over myself a bit this year and watch a few mellow horror movies.  That’s my goal – to have a movie date with the man or a friend once a week and watch a scary movie.

For a good laugh at my absurdity with horror movies go read this: read this.

I am also excited to get started on my costume for this year.  Last year Blair and I won first place at a costume party and I had tons of fun putting together our costumes.  We’ll see what happens this year. 

8) Christmas is Coming

Ya-huh!  It’s that much closer now that Fall is nearly here.  I love Christmas. I love the chaos and the anticipation and the shopping and the decorating and the Spirit of it all.  Looking forward to it as always.


Medusa Who?

I woke up this morning with no power (due to a massive wind/rain storm last night/early this morning -apparently- I was out cold like a drunken sailor so I have no idea). My house was pitch black and I had a wonderful time showering and doing my makeup by candle light. Seriously, not a problem. However, my hair was a problem. A) I have naturally curly hair which I blow dry upside down so that it doesn’t get weighted and stringy B ) Uh, it’s January! A girl can catch her death going out into the winter weather with wet hair.

So, I kept my hair wrapped in a towel, soaking up as much water as I could, put in some curling crème and went on my merry way. I look pretty good, I must say, y’know, for preparing in a mostly darkened home. As I was grabbing a quick brekkie-on-the-go at Tim Horton’s I joked with one of the servers (who also lost her power this morning but had her hair in a pretty braid) about how I looked like Medusa roaming the streets this morning.

Me: “You’re too young to know who Medusa is or what I’m talking about, aren’t you?”
Her” “Yeah…probably. *giggle*”
Me: “EFF YOU!!” (Just kidding….I didn’t say that. Nor did I punch her. I did, however, give her a short lesson in Greek mythology.)


For a brief Wiki lesson to learn about Medusa click here.

PS – For the record, I’m really not that old….I think this girl spends too much time perfecting her Taylor Momsen goth look with her overly dyed platinum/yellow hair and too much shit on her eyes to know anything more than “So that’s a medium double double?”

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen


Mop Bucket

In my previous post I made mention of how my former employer was super sweet yet extremely intimidating.  So, here’s a little story.

I’ve always been outgoing, chatty, friendly.  But I get intimidated.  I DO NOT like making eye contact with people…not even some of my closest friends.  And if I’m accosted in this manner and am not able to break away from their stupid eye contact I usually just end up laughing.  I’m surprised I haven’t been punched yet.

Anyway, back in my early Tim Horton’s coffee-serving days I was sorta shy and nervous….especially around the boss man.  He comes across as kind of gruff….but, like I said, he is a darling and he’s sort of goofy.

So, one day, in between busy streaks, I was out in the back of the store filling up the mop bucket (which, btw, I hated and tried to pawn this task onto everyone).  The hallway to the mop sink is very long and narrow with shelves of product aligning both sides the four miles all the way down.  So, as I’m heading up the hallway to go mop the damn floor Boss Man comes down the hall toward me.  I’m darting my eyes to the floor, to the yellow brick road laid before me, to the mop bucket….anywhere, as long as I could avoid looking at this scary man.  As I get closer to him I attempt to scrunch up my shoulders thinking that will help me with evading him in this narrow hallway.  Suddenly, he darts in front of me…so I try to sideline him but he stays in my way.  Then he backs me into a shelf and gets right in my face and says “Man your eyes are blue!  They real?”  I nearly shit my pants!

Free wine at weddings makes one pose funny.

Free wine at weddings makes one pose funny.


Had I not been terrified of this man back then and remained with my smartass way of living I would/should have tapped on my eye and said “Nah, it’s glass.” and kept on walking.  Unfortunately, I was so terrified at that moment that I simply mustered “uh, yeah.” and pushed by him with the mop




Have You Ever Had a Stalker?

Have You Ever Had a Stalker?

This is why I'm Team Jacob!

This is why I’m Team Jacob!

Blair and I have this unspoken deal that whenever I give him a back massage he allows me to gab on and on and on.  He’ll say “tell me a story, Babe” and then I talk, incessently for as long as I can.  And if I feel he’s drifting off into snoozeville I wake his ass up.  It’s only fair.

So, the other day as I was giving Blair a “much-needed” massage I told him this story of my stalker.

Back in my Tim Horton’s days, in my late teens/early 20’s, I worked a lot a lot of shifts and I got to know a lot of people – hey, they don’t call me “Sandy-the-Social-Butterfly” for nothing.  As with many-a-coffee shop, you get to know your customers….the “regulars” become part of your everyday routine.  Sometimes whether you like it or not.  It wasn’t uncommon to be hit on or asked out by a “regular”.  Sometimes it would be flattering but for the most part it was a great big giant ICK.

This one particular guy, who my co-workers referred to as my “dirtball boyfriend” (he’s the kind of guy who, just by looking at him makes you want to throw up. The kind of guy you just don’t get a good vibe from), decided he had a crush on me.  Now, I worked 6 days a week from 5:30am-2pm.  This guy, whose name I can’t even recall/didn’t care about, started showing up just before I’d get to work.  He’d wait inside with his coffee and as soon as I started my shift he would begin his conversations and creepy gawking.  He’d sit there for hours as I counted down the minutes until the busy traffic began and my friends showed up for their shifts.  Then he’d leave the store, come thru the drive thru so I’d have to wait on him (tho I’d dodge him whenever I could) and then disappear for a bit.  UNTIL it was time for my shift to end when he started showing up in the back parking lot next to my car.  I’d do my best to evade the situation and any communication but the truth is, I’m not that much of an asshole and wasn’t able to come right out and tell him to eff off so this routine went on daily for a few weeks.  Then he began waiting in the back parking lot when I arrived for work.  At 5:15 in the morning it’s still dark and this was creepy as hell.  But, it gave me the opportunity to say I didn’t see him and take off like a bat out of hell.

I've got my eye on you

I’ve got my eye on you

Eventually, I was getting so freaked out that my male coworkers were waiting for me at the back door when I arrived in the mornings and would walk me to my car in the afternoons so that I could avoid this guy.  One night, while at the bar celebrating my birthday, a coworker showed up and said he was out in the parking lot and wanted to talk to me.  I was so annoyed that I dragged a friend out with me and asked him what the hell he was doing.  He said he wanted to come wish me a Happy Birthday (I don’t know how the hell he found out where we were to start with).  I asked him why he couldn’t just come inside and say it to me there.  His response: “Oh, I can’t go in there.  My wife’s in there.”  WTF?????  I’m pretty sure I called him a freak and headed back inside.  But sure enough, when the bar closed and my friends and I headed home he was still sitting in his car watching like a hawk.

At one point when all this craziness was happening I started parking my car in the front lot of my work place.  This was a big no-no but the owner and manager were aware of the situation and I did this at their suggestion.  My dad wanted to come down and “have a talk” with this guy but that would have been a very bad idea because my dad would have destroyed him (I proudly get my temper from dear old Dad).  But the dude just did not get it.  He started parking next to my car out front.  I got my shifts switched up..asking to work from 10-6 (the longest, most drawn out shifts EVER)…to throw a curve in his plan but when he caught on he just sat in the side parking lot until my shift would end and would try to talk to me when I was leaving.

Finally, my big boss, the owner of the store, who is a truly good-hearted guy but very intimidating (I’ll have another story about this soon) had had enough and he put the run to this weirdo.  Told him to leave me alone, to not come back to the store or he’d be phoning the police.  The bossman had my back, and although he knew I didn’t want to cause a fuss with the situation, didn’t want me to endure anymore of the foolishness.  He rocks.

Occasionally I will see my dirtball boyfriend and I get creeped out and throw up a little bit in my mouth.  I try to dart out of his line of vision and never speak to him but always feel the need to tell whoever I’m with who he is.  The last time I’d seen him was a few years ago when I was out to dinner with my family: parents, brother and his family, grandparents and my uncle and cousin who were visiting from out-of-province (shout out to Annie-Lou!!) and he came in with another large family group.  Of course, these two large groups were seated in a large function room together (but separate).  His chair was behind me and just off to the right.  Whenever I would turn my head to talk to Anne or for whatever reason, he was sitting there glaring at me.  Obviously I lost my appetite but I made sure to tell Anne the entire story.  Because, really, a blogger is a good storyteller and this guy should just be ashamed and embarrassed.


City Sundays

This weekend The Man and I hit the City to spend some time with Emma-Roo.  We headed in Sunday morning and after picking up E.R. we stopped at the Starbucks/Chapters.  We don’t have a Starbucks (or a Chapters) outside the City (oh, we’re all Tim Horton’s folk up here) so it’s nice to go in on occasion and have a treat.  My favorite drink is the Peppermint Frappe made with non-fat milk.  It is so yummy and I only get it like, maybe once a month (if that) so I figure, why not indulge.  It was delicious.

Mmmm....and Sundays means it's calorie free.

Mmmm….and Sundays means it’s calorie free.

After scoping out several books in Chapters I came out with a few goodies.  Andrew Pyper is an author that I thoroughly enjoyed, even tho I’ve only read one of his books.  It was called Lost Girls and I pined after this book for the longest time until I finally received it as a Christmas gift from my wonderful S-I-L and brother more than 10 years ago.  It scared the shizz outta me (that’s what I get for reading a scary book at midnight) but it was a really good read and I’ve always wanted to read more of his work.  Thankfully, I saw his book The Guardians was on the discount shelf so I snatched it up.  Way to go, me!

Looking forward to reading this...during the day...with the lights on....with tons of people around.

Looking forward to reading this…during the day…with the lights on….with tons of people around.

I also picked up this healthy food book, which I’ve flipped thru but am looking forward to exploring.


And on the way out the door, after paying for my items, I spotted Bazaar with my girl Drew on the cover so I grabbed it and ran back to the line.  I am a Drew Barrymore fanatic and usually pick up any magazine with her beautiful face featured on it.

My BFF, Drew

My BFF, Drew

After hounding sweet-talking The Man into detouring to the mall so I could hit H&M I was finally able to pick up the top I’ve been thinking about the last couple of weeks (https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/here-kitty-kitty/).  I wore it today with a pair of black un-cut cords I bought in, like 1998 (they’re the closest thing I’ll ever get to skinny jeans), a black tuxedo jacket and the black stiletto booties The Man bought me for Christmas.  My hair was a little unruly with its curls this morning so I’m in full-on Rock Star mode.  My co-worker even commented that I look pretty sharp today.  And then she gushed over the kitty face on my shirt.  I mean, let’s be realistic….it’s adorable.

After our book and coffee shop stop and our detour to the mall we took Emma-Roo to a movie.  We saw Warm Bodies which was pretty funny.  E.R. and I laughed a lot and Blair didn’t fall asleep so he must have liked it too.



All-in-all it was a good Sunday spent in the City.  I always love these days…the travel, the different scenery, the many options that aren’t always available outside the City (I saw that like we’re a bunch of hicks…we’re not.  I promise.), and of course, it’s always great to spend time with the family.


Bye Bye Penny

Say Goodbye to the Canadian Penny.

Penny 2012

For those of you non-Canadians (and Canadians living under a rock) today is the last day for the Penny.  Well, technically, today is the last day the Canadian Mint (OMG does anyone else remember those ice cream bars??  YUM!)



Uh, yeah….what was I saying?  Oh yes…today is the last day the Canadian Mint will distribute the Penny.  This is kind of sad.  Yes, yes, I too bitch about getting a bunch of pennies back in my change and having to dig and dig looking for a Quarter are turning up 16 bazillion Pennies.

But what am I gonna do now?  How else am I going to get the lint out of my pockets??  It seems lint only ever turns up in a handful of Pennies.

Or, how are we going to pay for our Tim Horton’s coffee on those days we don’t have cash without counting out seven dollars in Pennies??

And how am I supposed to have continuous good luck if the Penny is gone?


And if I ever decided to start playing the lottery how on earth would I scratch of my tickets??  Nickels just don’t make the cut.

And, OMG, how EVER will I figure out what someone is thinking??

THOUGHTSOne good thing that the Mint is promoting with the end of the Penny is to donate them to charities.  I think this a pretty generous idea.  The Penny will still be in circulation and is going to continue to be legal tender…so why not donate them if you’re that eager to get them out of  your household.

Anyway, I feel sad today.  I hate saying goodbye.  And who knows…maybe someday the Penny will be worth a whole lot more.



“I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

Warren: Who glued these quarters down?
A.J.: I did.
Warren: What the hell for, man?
A.J.: I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.


Happy Rex Manning Day!!

The above quote is from the cult classic, Empire Records.   Warren is trying to pick up quarters that A.J. has glued to the carpet.  A.J. is an artist.  Warren is a thug-wannabe.

My name isn’t F..king Warren!

You can watch the clip here at 1:17 mins in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hezqVcZitkY

When I was in high school and working part-time at a Tim Horton’s there was a customer who would come thru the Drive-thru every afternoon.  He was an older man, somewhere in his 50’s.  A beady little guy who resembled Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.

The customer would place his order and as he approached the Drive-thru window would stop just before, get out of his car and walk to the window where he would proceed to pick up all the loose change that we or other customers would have dropped.  (It was customary to wait for a slow down and a staff person would go out and collect the change to put back into the cash till.)   Now, if you’re thinking this guy was being nice and trying to help us out, you’re wrong.  He would pocket the change and get back in his car.

The first time this happened to me I actually thought he was picking the change up to be helpful so I held my hand out and said “oh hey, thanks!” or something to that effect.  He looked at me for a split second and then ignored me as if I hadn’t said anything at all.

This had gone on for ages – and even tho the guy was or was not technically stealing (I saw he was), no one ever did anything. ………… Until I got bored.

One dull afternoon I made my way outside in between Drive-thru customers and began (merrily) gluing down coins…and much to my co-workers’ and regular customers’ delight.  Eventually I had enough coins glued down and we all waited anxiously for El Cheapo to visit our Drive-thru.

When we finally saw him driving in we were giddy with excitement (I told you it was a dull afternoon!) and as he began his habitual method of trying to retrieve the “dropped” coins he realized the joke was on him!  We were all watching him and smirking.  OBVIOUSLY he was embarrassed for finally being outwitted (Yeah, I went there) because when he left our Drive-thru I don’t recall him ever coming back.  It was lovely.