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Travel Reads

I’m getting ready to go on vacation next week and will be travelling for a good duration of the time.  And so, I’m going well-prepared with a good book or two.

Book worm

As you may already know, I am an avid reader and usually become so captivated in my reads that I often find that it is all I want to do.

This summer I went thru a slew of books and finished my last John Grisham legal thriller.  I picked up two other non-legals of his, and tried really hard to get into one but just epicly failed (I’ll save it for another time).  So, on a recent shopping trip I was delighted to pick up a few new reads, including the third in the “The Witch of….” series by Suzanne Palmieri.  Last summer I read “The Witch of Belladonna Bay” and followed it with “The Witch of Little Italy” (although, if you’re reading them, reverse the order), and I’ve been on the hunt for the third book “The Witch of Bourbon Street“.   Eureka!  As soon as I started reading it I fell in love with it.  I’m still only a tiny ways into it because I’ve been supremely busy and haven’t had much time to indulge myself, but I am looking forward to zipping thru this third book in the series.

Bourbon Street

I’m heading out on another trip later in the month and I CANNOT WAIT to tell you all about it.  This trip is going to be amazeballs and I am over the moon that I have the opportunity to do it!  But, it’s a surprise so you’ll have to wait to hear about it.

For that trip, I will likely indulge in the other books during my flight.  Eep!  Can’t wait for this one!



From the Minds of Children

So, yesterday my friends Steve & Jaime (fellow asshole) were returning from a 3 week vacation/cruise.  Earlier in the week I’d sent Jaime an email with a link to a blog on choosing wolf sweaters which we both thought was hilarious because, I mean, come on, WOLF SWEATERS.  Jaime replied from the Fort Lauderdale airport and I decided to post our lame-o conversation.  (I’ve had to edit a bit because Jaime has a potty mouth.)


SandyLand:  I saw this blog and LedOL.  LOL.  I knew you’d appreciate it.  Something for us assholes to laugh at.
Jaime:  Omg that was awesome….was he serious??? Cause sometimes it was hard to tell lol
SandyLand:  I’m not sure but it was friggin’ hilarious.  I thought of you instantly.  Where ya at?
Jaime:  Sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport sweating my ass off its so EFFing hot in here….not so much outside…..got my jogging pants rolled up like shorts, I’m lookin’ good
SandyLand: Lol.  I DARE you to get up and start doing your shuffle dance across the floor.  Those people are never going to see you again.  🙂
Jaime:  Hahahaha….not when I don’t board till 11:25 I’m not. lol.  I’m so hungry and there is nothing good here to eat and I don’t wanna pay the prices too
SandyLand:  That sucks. I’m hungry too but I have food here. 🙂  Is stuff really expensive?  Oh wait…you’re at the airport….OF COURSE it’s expensive.LOL.
Jaime:  Yeah 3.50 for a muffin….I mean its big but not $3.50 big. lol they need some EFFin AC up in this bitch
SandyLand:  LMAO!!  You’re cracking me up.  MAYBE if you break out that dance people will give you money.  Put a hat or something down on the floor and say “Please, don’t be shy.” And then just rock out.
Jaime:  that’s a good idea….I’m waiting for the pizza place to serve normal pizza not breakfast pizza….sick
SandyLand: Gross.  Are there eggs on it?  *barf*   If you dance make sure Steve records.
Jaime:  IF I dance it would have to be recorded lol and yeah it had egg and bacon or sausage I mean I love pizza(understatement) and even i wouldn’t eat it