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I Carried A Watermelon

My BFF/work-wife, Spanky is currently off on maternity leave.  This girl and I met years ago when we began working together and we became instant friends.  And, although we both had changed job locations, we maintained our friendship AND continued our lunchtime shenanigans all these years.  And now we’re back to working together.  ❤


We just did Mud Hero together Yesterday.  #BFFs

And we have spent 10 years lunching together, walking thru Town, running the trails (training for races), running errands, or just sitting around stuffing our faces.  But one thing has always maintained the same for us, wherever we were and whatever we were doing, you can bet we were laughing our heads off and having more fun than should be allowed.  I have often said I bet people see us each day on our lunchtime ventures and are totally jealous of how much fun we’re having.  In fact, one day, just a few years ago, while running an errand in one of the little shops in downtown, we had a good case of the giggles and could not stop laughing and an onlooker, a chef from one of the local restaurants had been watching us and said he thoroughly enjoyed watching us have so much fun.  See…jealous.

But, when Spanky left to go off and have Baby Ruth I was saddened because I thought I was going to be alone for my lunch hours and, although I can go out and have fun make my own fun any damn time I please, I always enjoy the company.  And, just my luck, Spanky’s work replacement has also become my lunchtime replacement and Boo Boo and I are having tons of fun together.

We decided months ago, when there was still snow on the ground (which, let’s face it, this is Nova Scotia and that means it wasn’t that long ago that there was snow on the ground), that we were going to walk during our breaks.  Actually, it wasn’t so much a decision as it was something that just happened one day and we haven’t stopped.  It’s because of these lunchtime walks that I’m hitting my FitBit step goal way early in the day.

Boo Boo and I walk and laugh every day.  We are having way too much fun and, just like Spanky and I did, we’re making our fun.

One day last week, while out on our roam, we stopped into the local grocery store.  Boo Boo was checking out the watermelons and was intending on picking one up until I reminded her that she’d have to carry a watermelon through town, in 34 degree heat, and we still had a half hour to go on our break.  She left the watermelon there.  But, as we were in the checkout line, I noticed the guy in front of me was holding a watermelon.  When he glanced around at us I said to him “Can you please take that back to work or wherever you’re going and pretend you’re Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and announce “I CARRIED A WATERMELON”.

I carried a watermelon

Boo Boo held her breath (because I’m a nut!) and the guy just looked at me for a few seconds like a deer caught in headlights and then the both of them cracked up.  He said he had heard us talking by the watermelons as he was picking his out and realized that he would be the one carrying the watermelon thru town in 34 degree heat (with a long-sleeved knit sweater on, mind you) and he felt like a dummy but he wanted to do something nice for his co-workers.


Nice gesture or not, I’d not be carrying a watermelon thru town in the heat.  

The three of us a had a long-lasting chuckle and he kept the conversation going until he finished his purchase and had to leave us, although it seemed like he would have rather stayed with us (Boo Boo said he’s now the president of my fan club).

I’m very thankful to both these gals, Spanky and Boo Boo, because you make my work days a heckuvalot more entertaining.  I soooooo look forward to Spanky’s return because I loooove her.  And I’m keeping Boo Boo too, so we can be the workplace Three Musketeers or Three Amigos – which, with the shenanigans and oopsies, seems a lot more fitting.

I love my life.







Day #12: Describe a Typical Day in Your Life.


Weekdays – Get up, feed and water animal.  Prepare for work.  Go to work.  Work.  Have lunch with Angie Whoreface and Kritt.  Leave work.  Work out.  (Monday = gym, Barre, Yoga / Thursday = gym, Zumba, yoga – every other day is either gym, run or home workout).  Some evenings (depends on his work schedule) I am shacked up with Blair, the other evenings I am home (quality time with animal).  Sleep.

Weekends – Get up, workout, prepare for the day.  Run errands (aka run the roads). Visit friends/family.  Head to Blair’s. Dilly-dally.  Prepare dinner and hang out.  Sleep.

This week is BIRTHDAY WEEK so there will be lots of running around and whatnot.  I am spoiled and I also like to spoil myself.  I’m not above that.



Kicking Off 2013

Oh what a day!  Today was my first day back to work.  It’s been freezing cold and windy the last few days so last night I left my cell phone on to use that alarm clock as a back up in case the wind knocked out the power and messed up my regular alarm.   Well, I woke up uber early and began the ritual of getting ready for work.  Everything was done and I was heading out early as I had an errand I wanted to run this morning.  However, it’s just my luck that when I tried to start my car it wouldn’t go.  My battery sputtered and spit and chugged but it wouldn’t turn the engine on.  It was minus 26 (at least) with the windchill and the damn thing was frozen!!

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

F$%!ing car!!!  I called Angie Whoreface and begged a ride from her.  She loves me so it was no problem (but I owe her big time!) and we almost made it to work on time.  Almost.

The rest of the day went off nearly without a hitch.  I kept my employer (Miss) in stitches by quoting “Friends” as we moved and set up new office furniture (she nearly collapsed in giggles when I quoted Ross’s “PIVOT.  PIVOT!!”).    Until….*sigh* until we were working on a desk.  We had it tipped up on its side so it was easier to maneuver as we put it together.  But not thinking, Miss unscrewed a grommet from her end and the rest of the desk collapsed….right on my foot.

broken foot

I’m fairly certain there’s a broken bone in there.  It feels like it.  Poor Miss tho…she was so upset.  I had to laugh it off otherwise I would have cried.  “It’s okay to cry” she said.  Unfortunately, had I started I probably wouldn’t have stopped. Ah well.  It looks better than the last time I thought I broke my foot:

Now this hurt!

Now this hurt!

Tomorrow can only get better right?  RIGHT???


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My Silly Little Life

Last night I went to visit my friend Melissa.  We had some wine and around 11pm I thought it would be a good idea to go outside and bounce on the kids’ trampoline.  Well…..I was RIGHT!!  It was soooooo much fun!  I had a blast.

This morning I woke up to sunshine (yay!) and had not much desire to do anything….but I can never go for long without doing something so I decided to head out for a hike.  I mean, I might as well take advantage of this weather while it’s here.

So off I went.  It was a great adventure – just me – and I soaked up sunny rays and fresh air and nature (and I swear I heard a bear…..OR the Blair Witch….but maybe it was something else?  I dunno, but I didn’t stick around in one place for too long….hadsta keep movin’ on).  Once I finished my groovy hike I figured I should also do something else productive since I still had most of the day so I went into the office and worked for a few hours.  (Seriously…I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!)

But now I’m home alone on a Sunday evening and I’m so damn bored.  And I’m annoyed at a friend because he’s been being a douchebag for the last 40 hours and irritating the hell out of me.  HELLO?  It takes 8 seconds to reply to a freakin’ text…>GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

Anyways, that’s my day and my rant.  I’m going to sit back and try and figure out something to do to occupy myself for the next few hours so that I don’t go out of my mind or stay in this crappy mood.