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Chasing Jordan Catalano – Chronicles (Part 3)

We began that day to talk on a consistent basis.  Like, every day.  At first it was idle chit chat; small talk.  The two of us just trying to figure the other out without really getting into too much detail.  But within the first week of our initial friendship, Jordan started showing up at places he knew I’d be.  Places I’d talked about in random conversations but that I never would have expected him to appear at.  Places that I’d mentioned in conversations with others while in earshot of him.  Places that were completely out of his way.  But he made the trips to see me.  He’d pop in here and there to just say hello, have a quick conversation, and then be on his merry way.


From that day on, Jordan was on my mind all the time, and he was in my head.  He was all I could think about.  It was sickening, really.  It’s as if I ached for him – to be around him, and it was like getting punched in the heart when I wasn’t.  Those moments I couldn’t see him or speak to him were killing me.  My anxiety levels shot through the roof and felt sick at the thought of seeing him AND at the thought of not seeing him.  But he was there…everywhere I looked, I saw Jordan.

to be continued.



I Carried A Watermelon

My BFF/work-wife, Spanky is currently off on maternity leave.  This girl and I met years ago when we began working together and we became instant friends.  And, although we both had changed job locations, we maintained our friendship AND continued our lunchtime shenanigans all these years.  And now we’re back to working together.  ❤


We just did Mud Hero together Yesterday.  #BFFs

And we have spent 10 years lunching together, walking thru Town, running the trails (training for races), running errands, or just sitting around stuffing our faces.  But one thing has always maintained the same for us, wherever we were and whatever we were doing, you can bet we were laughing our heads off and having more fun than should be allowed.  I have often said I bet people see us each day on our lunchtime ventures and are totally jealous of how much fun we’re having.  In fact, one day, just a few years ago, while running an errand in one of the little shops in downtown, we had a good case of the giggles and could not stop laughing and an onlooker, a chef from one of the local restaurants had been watching us and said he thoroughly enjoyed watching us have so much fun.  See…jealous.

But, when Spanky left to go off and have Baby Ruth I was saddened because I thought I was going to be alone for my lunch hours and, although I can go out and have fun make my own fun any damn time I please, I always enjoy the company.  And, just my luck, Spanky’s work replacement has also become my lunchtime replacement and Boo Boo and I are having tons of fun together.

We decided months ago, when there was still snow on the ground (which, let’s face it, this is Nova Scotia and that means it wasn’t that long ago that there was snow on the ground), that we were going to walk during our breaks.  Actually, it wasn’t so much a decision as it was something that just happened one day and we haven’t stopped.  It’s because of these lunchtime walks that I’m hitting my FitBit step goal way early in the day.

Boo Boo and I walk and laugh every day.  We are having way too much fun and, just like Spanky and I did, we’re making our fun.

One day last week, while out on our roam, we stopped into the local grocery store.  Boo Boo was checking out the watermelons and was intending on picking one up until I reminded her that she’d have to carry a watermelon through town, in 34 degree heat, and we still had a half hour to go on our break.  She left the watermelon there.  But, as we were in the checkout line, I noticed the guy in front of me was holding a watermelon.  When he glanced around at us I said to him “Can you please take that back to work or wherever you’re going and pretend you’re Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and announce “I CARRIED A WATERMELON”.

I carried a watermelon

Boo Boo held her breath (because I’m a nut!) and the guy just looked at me for a few seconds like a deer caught in headlights and then the both of them cracked up.  He said he had heard us talking by the watermelons as he was picking his out and realized that he would be the one carrying the watermelon thru town in 34 degree heat (with a long-sleeved knit sweater on, mind you) and he felt like a dummy but he wanted to do something nice for his co-workers.


Nice gesture or not, I’d not be carrying a watermelon thru town in the heat.  

The three of us a had a long-lasting chuckle and he kept the conversation going until he finished his purchase and had to leave us, although it seemed like he would have rather stayed with us (Boo Boo said he’s now the president of my fan club).

I’m very thankful to both these gals, Spanky and Boo Boo, because you make my work days a heckuvalot more entertaining.  I soooooo look forward to Spanky’s return because I loooove her.  And I’m keeping Boo Boo too, so we can be the workplace Three Musketeers or Three Amigos – which, with the shenanigans and oopsies, seems a lot more fitting.

I love my life.






SandyLand Stories

The other night I finished what was, I think, my 23rd John Grisham book.  And although I’d picked up three more of his on the weekend, I couldn’t wait to delve into Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower.


As you may know, I love Drew Barrymore. She is my all-time favorite actress; since the first time I saw her in E.T., I fell in love with her – with her spirit and her spunkiness, and I have since followed her career.  The ups and downs. The stints in institutions and rehabs, the bad movies, the badass moves.  I have followed the 90’s wild child and doted on her for years.


The original wild child and my not-yet-met best friend (Drew flashing David Letterman in the mid-90’s)

And so, I have been waiting since I received this book for my birthday in October to read it but, 1. I had shit-tons of studying to do to prepare my nutrition exam and 2. I’m kind of addicted to John Grisham’s storytelling and am always anticipating completing one of his books so that I can immediately begin another.  This time, though, I forfeited Grisham to finally read Drew’s book.

And I am so glad I did. I started reading it Friday night, and now, Sunday, I am almost through it. This book is not an autobiography, although it is autobiographical in a sense.  It is a telling of some of Drew’s personal stories and memories.  It’s lovely.  And this book has made me miss writing.
This afternoon I was reading one of the “chapters” titled Flossy.  Flossy was Drew’s rescue dog which she had for nearly 20 years.  I remember reading about when Drew first adopted Flossy. I remember hearing about her in interview and seeing her in the background in magazine spreads featuring Drew.  And this story told the lifeline of this dog, this sweet companion to Drew, a lost soul longing for a friend who would be her lifelong mate and confidant.  And this story told of the demise of Flossy and Drew’s beautiful tribute to her once she passed (sorry, no spoilers! You’ll have to read the book.), and there I am, sitting in the gorgeous long-awaited sunshine, bawling my eyes out at the telling of the loss of this life love.  With tears streaming down my face and wiping my snotty nose on my arm, I was so completely moved by this memory.
Although I am a little bias because I still believe Ms. Barrymore and I should be best friends (squad goals), I will admit that she is not the best writer in the world. I even found a few grammatical errors *gasp*, but she’s a good writer.  And she’s a great storyteller; one that can clearly move me to tears – or laughter.
And so, being inspired by these stories, these little collections, I am committing myself back to my writing.  I am going to begin telling chapters of my life, albeit through this little blog, and I will share with you tales of my adventures, my reflections, my wisdom, my stupidity, and tales of just…my life.
I am not going to commit to writing every day or every week because life – work, teaching, mating, adventures – comes first.  And I like to live my adventures before sharing them.
But stay tuned….the first one will be right up.

Day #22: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? 10 Years? 15 Years?

In 5 years I’d damn well better be married with a kid…or at least knocked up.  Hoping that I’ll be doing well in my life and career and have finally gotten my CanFitPro certification.

in 10 years I’m hoping that I’ll have, in some way, struck it rich and will have retired from my current career and work only now for fun.  Writing, restrauteuring (yes, I just made that word up)…something.

In 15 years I’ll be contemplating my first round of Botox and have just written my 3rd bestseller.


Day #18: What are Your 5 Greatest Accomplishments?

Hmm, my five greatest accomplishments?  This is a toughy.  Especially since I was going to attempt to be funny but instead I’ll be serious.  Maybe.

1) My writing.  My blog is obviously a little different than my serious writings.  I was first published when I was 6 or 7.  I’ve been published several times since then.  I was a feature in a major publication 10 or 12 years ago.  A lot of my writings when I was younger came from a darker place….I found strength in that.  Today, and usually with my blog, I try to focus more on the humorous.  Last night, in fact, I had a friend tell me I should quit my job and focus on writing full time.  I was telling a story, being funny, being political and being pissed off.  I like to keep people laughing and she said that I should just give up on the real world thing and just blog or write a book or for a magazine full time.  This is not the first time I’ve heard this….maybe it’s a sign that I need to rethink my career path.

2) My fit life.  Last year I shared a piece on my eating disorders when I was in high school.  Back then I never thought that I would fall in love with fitness.  But it has become my obsession passion and I have goals of becoming certified as a fitness instructor.  Unfortunately, the course is only offered at a certain time of year and I, of course, just missed it this year.  The goal is still there, the passion is still there.  Eventually, I will get there.

3) My grammatically correctness (no, I did not just make that word up).  I am often referred to as the “Grammar Nazi” and I am completely okay with that.  I understand that many of my friends/co-workers/family find it extremely irritating when I correct their or others’ grammar.  Again, I am okay with that.  You will learn from me.  Believe me….it’s a good thing.

4) My education and career.  I am proud of the education I got.  I am proud of the job I have.  I am proud of where I am in life.  And just to throw it out there…I can still cartwheel like nobody’s business!

5) The opportunity I had last year.  This one is on the down-lo, but certain people will know what I’m talking about last year.  Last year I had THE GRANDEST OPPORTUNITY to tell someone what I thought of him.  It was pure bliss.  Sometimes things happen in life and we feel only the negative effect(s) of them.  Well, this particular moment I took the bull by the horns and went on a very long rant to a specific person who was mean, a bully, an abuser, an abuser of power, a complete jackass, etc.  No one had ever put this dude in his place and I was ecstatic that I was (likely) the first to do so.  I’m not one for being submissive, but certainly in certain situations you sometimes have to bite your tongue.  This is one time that I did NOT bite my tongue.  Other people had kept quiet (for years) on things happening that shouldn’t have happened and I, to my knowledge, am the only person to ever take the stand.  It felt good.  I do not regret it.  And once again, for the record bud, my name is spelled with a “y”!!





Day #8 – What Are 3 Passions You Have?

#1 – See Day #7 re. My Dream Job (writing).

#2 – Fitness.  It is my goal to become CanFitPro certified.  In the meantime, I work out every damn day and attend a minimum of 4 fitness classes a week.

#3 – To finally have a Goonie adventure (although, I have had close calls in the past).  I think everyone deserves a Goonie adventure in life and my passion is endlessly seeking out that adventure.  If that means karaoke-ing it or challenging people to dance-offs or getting lost in the woods after dark while on a hike then so be it…Life is a journey.  I’m gonna rock it Goonie-Style.



Day #7 – What is Your Dream Job and Why?

If you check out my About page you’d see that I love to write.  I feel like I was born to write.  It’s been my passion since I was a small child.  In fact, the first time I was published I was only 7 or 8 years old.


I was accepted to a widely recognized journalism school at a university outside my province but at the time I had other things going on and made the decision not to go….and in all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a journalist.  And I felt like I knew how to write so I pussied out.  But I have continued to write.  But to be paid for it….that would be amazeballs.

In fact, if I were able I would love to take a year off (from the real world) and move somewhere right by the water and just write.  That has been a dream of mine since I was 18 and a friend (whom I met thru a writers’ group) did it. Bastard.  (Yes, that’s jealousy talking.)

BUT….aside from that romantic notion of writing, I would LOVE to be a part of SNL.  Saturday Night Live Rules, y’all.  Jimmy Fallon got me hooked years ago and since I think I’m pretty darn funny and witty I would love to be an integral part of that show.  A writer (obvs), a player, a funny gal, a singer, a dancer, a mover and shaker. That package is complete. (Plus, how friggin’ cool would it be to stand on stage and yell “LIVE FROM NEW YORK….IT’S SATURDAY NIGHHHHTTT!!”



Hello hello hello Blogosphere. Welcome to Spring (finally). Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I actually wore a dress and bare legs. Thank you, Mother Nature for finally letting up on being a bitch and allowing us some sun. It was a glorious weekend. 🙂

But, I have some serious news. It’s been a little while in the making but it’s finally happening. I am moving. Several months ago I applied for a “dream job” of sorts. It was on a whim and I decided to go forth with it, never actually expecting it to turn into anything. But, not too long ago I received some follow up, discussed my options and have decided to jump ship here and have accepted a position as a writer with a small publication in New York City. I’m overwhelmed. Sad, yet excited.

I am full-on a Valley Girl and will always consider this my home but right now this is the opportunity of a lifetime and since I’ve already let one opportunity pass me by (https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/letting-life-pass-me-by-or-how-i-sabotaged-my-life/) I couldn’t let this one go.

So, here I go. In less than 3 weeks I will be a New Yawker. Wish me luck.


Letting Life Pass Me By or How I Sabotaged My Life


Several years ago, just after Facebook exploded, I was approached by a guy I’d “met” online (it’s not like that.  Keep reading).  He and I had both contributed to a certain online forum and he’d been following my writing.

We became friendly (again, not like that.  He and his same-sex partner reside in Ontario and, plus, I’m not a lunatic and don’t hook up with people from online) and began corresponding and occasionally had phone conversations.  He is a life coach and after being “friends” for a while, corresponding via email, Facebook  and a few small phone calls, he one day phoned me with a business offer….He wanted to join forces and put together a program: a website, literature and eventually a book.  He’d be the coach, we’d brainstorm together and he wanted me to write.

It sounded so great….a kind of long-distance, too-good-to-be-true kind of fairy tale.  But, after some consideration, I determined I was too much of a pussy and probably didn’t take him too seriously and I eventually declined his offer.

He continued with his idea….At first he had a great little online newsletter.  Then his website sorta blew up.  Then he had several television appearances (as a life coach) and just this weekend he had a signing for his 3rd book.  I’m so proud of him but I’m totally calling myself out for being such a big baby and not making that leap.  Dammit.  Fame and fortune could be mine.  In the words of Mikey-the-Goonie  “All that rich stuff…”

Here’s to Bruno:   http://www.brunologreco.com/

Bruno LoGreco: Master Life Coach and cool dude at his recent book signing

Bruno LoGreco: Master Life Coach and cool dude at his recent book signing


One of Bruno's books...*sigh* What could have been...
One of Bruno’s books…*sigh* What could have been…


My First Blogger Award


What a lovely surprise to get a message from my blogging friend, Gull over at The Magfique Way –  http://themagfiqueway.wordpress.com/.  She is one of my favorite bloggers…a kindred spirit of sorts…at least of the blogging world.  And today she put a sincere smile on my face by presenting me with the Reader Appreciation Award.


She is so adorable.  It made me so happy to get her message.  I’ve been contributing to this blog for like, 8 years (tho some of the older stuff is LAME!), and this is my first award.  And it was so out of the blue that I just didn’t even prepare a thank you speech or anything.

But fear not, dear friends, tho I am planning to reciprocate this award at some point (soon), I decided to leave you with something from my life…I debated on writing something humorous or something a little stronger, a little reflective of me.  I went with the latter (for something funny go here: https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/something-happened-on-the-way/).

So here is something personal…straight out of my journal from waaaay back when (c. 1999)…something that I’ve never shared with anyone.

“I continue to lie to myself, allowing myself to believe that if I don’t think about him he will be out of my mind.  But even the mere mention of his name sends memories and tears flooding back.  I haven’t seen him, physically, but he’s everywhere I go.  Still.

I’ve compared us to Hamlet & Ophelia.  They were in love; he was more wise of the world and she was naive and innocent.  He had lied to her, told her he didn’t love her, and broke her heart.  This drove her crazy and on the bring of her insanity she lost herself and lost her life.  The  tragedy of it all caused by those three little words.  Those three little words that I don’t think I can ever say again.

Because of him I am powerless.  I have no control.  I shut my eyes but he is still there living in my head, laughing at my misery.  And I am left alone and still loving him.  I often wish that he would go away and I’d never see him again because that is easier than feeling the way I feel.  Pretending that I don’t hurt is too hard.

I pray for him, every night, hoping that he gets his life together, that he’s okay, and that he knows I still love him.  Because I do.”

Heavy or WHAT??  I know…the things a young girl writes after a break up.

Anyway, I shared that with you so that you can see that my inappropriate (at times) humor comes from a good place and often to overshadow the depressing stuff.  It’s all good.  I simply have found that, as a writer, most a lot of my creativity comes from a darker place…from circumstances that aren’t always the most uplifting.  And when I write from this darker, sadder place the words usually just flow.  And I have managed to turn out pretty good in spite of, eh?

So, thank you again, Dear Gull at The Magfique Way, for always being there with your great posts and comments and for this very special award.  And to the rest of you: Thanks for reading.