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Awkward Moments of the Week


We’ve all had them…those awkward moments when…here are the highlights of my week.

#1 – While at the gym the other night I looked down and realized that the underwire from my bra had poked its way out and made its way mostly out of my shirt. Awkward.

#2 – In Zumba class a few days ago my ankle turned over and I darn-near collapsed. I did this wobbly dance and almost took my friend down with me. Meh, awkward.

#3 – While at the gym and on the treadmill I adjusted my tops/chest to keep the “girls” from popping out and noticed that an older gentleman, who is one of my former teachers, was watching me. Awkwaaard.

#4 – After not sleeping the 2 nights prior to having a service worker into the office and dragging my ass around in zombie-like form, said service worker and I were chatting about something; I didn’t catch what he said so I asked him to repeat it. He did. I still couldn’t fathom the words coming out of his face so I stared at him for a long time, made an odd sort of laughing noise and walked away. Uncomfortably awkward.

#5 – A client, who happens to be an antiques collector, was telling me about some of his most recent finds. “You should see the ugly pottery I bought today. It’s art. And unique.” He said and offered to bring it in. My response: “I look forward to seeing your junk. *pause* OMG that sounded HORRIBLE!” AWKWARD.

Dance to Your Own Drummer

Remember the band, A-Ha?

They are a Norwegian pop group and back in the mid 80’s they had a smash hit “Take on Me” that topped the charts with it’s poppy, catchy beat. Do you remember it? If not, here’s a little refresher:

So, last Monday in Zumba class we danced a new routine to “Take on Me” but I had such a hard time focusing because all I really wanted to do was bust a move on my own to the song…reminiscing un-aesthetically pleasing 80’s dance moves that resembles something of a fit. I did my best to hold off and just follow along with the coordinated routine to make the most out of my fitness class.

However, when Thursday night’s class rolled around and the song was played, co-hort Tina and I just let loose and bounced around the room to our own drummers. I let the music get me.

And I don’t regret it. I went home that night and added the song to my iTunes so that it will always be on hand when Winston and I have our Friday night dance parties.

Don’t judge me.


WWSD? (What Would Sandy Do?)



The other night I got a message from my friend Anic.  She had started a new job that day so I’d texted her asking her how it went.  She replied “good” except “I got lost and thought ‘Crap!  What would Sandy do?‘  Then, out of nowhere some gentleman happened to be walking past and I asked for directions.  He offered to walk with me because he was going that way.  We introduced ourselves.  His name is SANDY.”

I thought this was a) hilarious b) too cool to be a coincidence c) a sign that I should start a running post titled “What Would Sandy Do?

So…please, by all means, if you’re struggling with something, feel free to ask me what I would do.  In the interim here are a few mock up scenarios in case you’re ever in a pinch:

1) Not single or not interested but at a party/club where a dirty old man (or woman) who’s had entirely too much to drink will not stop hitting on you.  Unlike some people who would throw a fit or have him threatened or kicked out, I would Woo him!  Hells yeah.  Ask him what he’s making you for breakfast in the morning.  Tell him you have a 2 year plan (because, let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger and there’s no time for a 5 year plan) and you expect to have a ring on your finger within 6 months.  And don’t forget to talk about kids.  And destiny.  Ain’t destiny grand?  How it brought the two of you together on this winter’s eve.  And, if he’s getting a little fresh, don’t hesitate to announce, loud and clear to the entire room, that he should remove his hand from your ass.  Make him the center of attention.  Men love that.

2) Like Anic, if I were lost in a strange City, I too would certainly ask for directions.  OR, I would randomly break out into my own personal flash mob, dancing like a maniac, hoping passersby would throw change at me so I could go buy a map.  Flash mobs are cool.

3) At a Zumba class and don’t know the moves?  Forget the instructor.  Bust a move to your own drum.  In other words, make up your own dance moves and rock that joint.

4) Got a friend who’s a little klutzy?  If you’re walking along and he/she trips don’t bother to help.  GET YOUR CAMERA OUT and take as many candids as possible.

There is more to come…it’s been a long day.  I’m tired.  And hungry.  But mostly tired because, once again I did not sleep last night but had to get up, go to work, then the gym, then to Zumba.  I’m tired.  Did I mention that I’m tired?  So, if you deep concerning questions…please feel free to ask me WWSD?




I am soooo tired today.

I don`t have the energy to purr.

I don`t have the energy to purr.

Last night was the absolute worst night of no sleep I`ve had so far.  I slept less than 2 hours the whole night.  Similar to last week, Blair awoke at one point in the middle of the night and gently began rubbing my head.  It felt so nice but I told him that at least one of us should try and get some sleep.  He`s sweet tho.  I think he understands how this freakish on again, off again insomnia is affecting me.

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and with that dizzying feel you get from a semi-bad hangover.  I got my butt ready for work anyway and went out in the nearly -30 weather and drug my feet thru the snowcovered sidewalks on my way to the office.  I am not a happy camper.

It`s been a rough day. Usually I`m still able to function when I haven`t had enough sleep but today seems to be excruciating.  And to make matters worse I have a 3 hour gym session tonight.  Yikes!  I just hope my warm-up run gives me a boost of energy that I`m desperately needing (as well as this late lunch I`m taking now).

I am hoping that when I finally get home tonight I will be pooped and will fall fast into a coma asleep.  A girl can only hope.

End rant.

(I`d say `Cheers!`as I always do but I don`t know if I fully mean it today.)