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Christmas Yule Blog – Part 2

A Quilting We Will Go

Today my friend and I used our lunch breaks to go to the museum. ….I know! Who does that?

Well, let me tell you. We did. But we had good reason. It turns out, my mom’s Quilt Guilt are part of an exhibit at the museum, and many of my mom’s works-of-art are on display. And when I say many, I mean more than half of the exhibit is her work.

The quilts are all Christmas themed and each crafter is unique in her work. My mom, like me, likes shimmer and sparkle.

Quilters are a type of artist on their own level. Their blankets tell a story and are usually made with love. My mom’s quilts are pretty incredible, and each time I have received one, I have received it with a heart full of love and tears in my eyes. I have seen how much time and work go into one quilt. And each one is worth more than any amount it would be sold for.

The first quilt I ever received was handmade by my grandmother. It was a My Little Pony quilt made in purple and white blocks and I cherish it to this day. I have always known how much love went into that gift, and I will never let it go.

And so, I know how much thought, creativity, effort, and love has gone into each of the quilts on display at the museum today.

This is not my mom’s, but I love it.
Angie was full on into it

It wasn’t a bad way to spend a little bit of time on a rainy Monday break. I’m proud of my mother, and I’m jealous of all these quilters and their crafts. I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. (Maybe that’s why I write.)

The quilts will be on display for a while longer, and each one (and more!) are for sale. They’d make lovely Christmas gifts.


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