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And So It Begins…

It was an incredibly busy weekend for me and I felt like a complete busy body having not sat still for most of it – and consuming way more chocolate and coffee than I wanted or required.  But I’m finally just sacked out on my couch getting some work done and thinking about Christmas.  Yep.  I’m already there.

I went out fairly early this morning in search of a birthday present and stores were already in full holiday mode with big crowds and long lines.  Too much for me, I will admit, on a sunny November morning – the day just after Remembrance Day.  But, here I am with another Christmas movie playing in the background while I’m working and whittling away.

I always have loved the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the holidays… I usually love the crowds and the displays and the noise (okay, maybe not so much the noise) and running into a dozen people you know.

New Yorker

Via The New Yorker

And I’m there.  For the most part anyway.  But today is just too sunny for me (and maybe I’m just too tired from the hustle and bustle of the long weekend) to be venturing out to get some Christmas shopping done.  I was in and out of stores like a flash today.  I’ll have to save my energy for this coming weekend because I KNOW the hustle is coming up and fast.


A to Z Challenge (Z)

Z- Zealous


I live my life with zeal.  At least I try to.  Sometimes I can be overzealous.  I fully admit this.  And really, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But, often my overzealousness can be a little too much for others to handle.  I’m still a work in progress.


A to Z Challenge (Y)

Y – Yellow


My favorite color is yellow.  And I always try to live as the brightest yellow.  Yellow is a happy color.  People gravitate to yellow.  I am trying.  I am shining as brightly as I can.



A to Z Challenge (X)

X – Xylitol


I keep hearing about Xylitol in place of sugar.  But that’s a weird name, right?  Doesn’t it sound mediciney?


A to Z Challenge (W)

W – Weekend


Oh what a weekend.  As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend is the Annual Apple Blossom Festival in my neck of the woods.  And, I can attest, it has been a fantastic weekend.


A to Z Challenge (V)

V – Valley

AZ Book

I live in the Annapolis VALLEY and this weekend is the 87th Annual Apple Blossom Festival.  Which means, there are fireworks and a parade, and a fair, and tons of bands and dances and music and food and drink.  And lots of people.  Lots and lots of people.  It’s basically a homecoming for us.  I’m excited.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom from days gone by


A to Z Challenge (U)

U – Unique


In a world full of sheep, be unique.


It’s okay to not go with the flow.  It’s okay to shine and to sparkle.  Smile.  Stand out.  It’s okay to go against the norm.  And with a little glisten and glitter in your eyes.


A to Z Challenge (T)

T – Throwing Darts


Sometimes, people throw darts (metaphorically) to see what they hit.  Whether it’s for a potential relationship, or job interest, or gossip, or whatever.  The darts get thrown to see what gets hit.  If you’re throwing the darts, be careful of your aim.  Sometimes, those darts hit hard.


A to Z Challenge (S)

S – Sparkles


One of my colleagues refers to me as “Sparkles”.  I have a sparkly personality, I’m told.  Although, I do try my darnedest to keep things light and sparkly and fun.  Although, it seems this last month or so some of my sparkle has faded.  But, it’s coming back.



A to Z Challenge (R)

R- Rare

AZ Book

Finding a decent person or friend can often be rare.  So when you find that person – a good-spirited, kind, patient, and understanding human, hang onto him or her.  Those people, it seems in this day and age, are a rarity.  Unique little gems.


A to Z Challenge (Q)

Q – Quiet


Sometimes life gets to too loud.  Literally and metophorically.

I don’t like noise.  I have sensitive ears and I hate it when it’s loud….literally…mentally…emotionally.  I like quiet.  And sometimes, a little bit of quiet and peace can make you feel rejuvenated.  Better.  Getting away from it all.

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