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Cat Antlers

I’m sorry…I just couldn’t resist.  This cat-that-looks-like-a-skinned-chicken in antlers is epic!!  I love him.

I bought Winston a pair of reindeer antlers last week.  Unfortunately he has not held still long enough for me to get a photo of him.  He’s a very angry cat now.  Soon.




Christmas Wish List #1

Each recent year I’ve compiled a short list of items I’ve been wishing for and it seems it’s been very helpful to some family and friends.  So, in keeping with tradition, this is the first official post of the 2015 Sandyland Christmas Wish List.

Oh she glows

The Oh She Glows cookbook is something I’ve been eyeing for a while.  It’s chock-full of incredible recipes and each time I hit Chapters I sit with it and admire the glossy photos of delicious foods.  I was going to order it a while back and just never did.  If Santa* doesn’t bring it this year I will certainly pick it up in the new year.

*Just a note that this book is almost HALF the cost on Amazon and I would never expect Santa (or myself, or anyone else, for that matter) to pay the overpriced in store cost.  :)



Six Weeks

I always get excited for Christmas in late October. I know it’s early, but I can’t help it.  It’s almost like there’s something in the air that smells like Christmas.  The wind blows differently, the air is cooler, and the days get darker so soon.  And I’m ready for it.

But I wait….

Yesterday was Remembrance Day (Veterans’ Day for my US friends) and I went to a service to honour all the brave folks – including my grandfathers – who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  My paternal grandfather, who is 97 (and a half) and is the last surviving member of his regiment, was in attendance and sat among his comrades.  He proudly wore his many medals.
I saw this comic strip yesterday and thought it was very fitting.
Truth. Via


My nephews were at the service as well and the little one excitedly explained to me afterward that “an army guy sat next to him”.  He was in awe.


Now that this honourable day is over I couldn’t help but get a little (more) giddy about Christmas.  I was Pinteresting the shit out of Christmas party foods and outfits and checking out Christmas movies (they’ve been playing back-to-back since Thanksgiving weekend – grrr!).  I even watched a cute little Christmas movie last night before bed.

The 12 Dates of Christmas.

via ABC

via ABC

Think of this movie as Groundhog Day on Christmas crack – and minus my man Bill Murray.

I was surprised to find that it was a few years old – as I’d never heard of it.  It was adorable though.

Basically, Kate (Amy Smart) lives Christmas Eve over and over (see? Groundhog Day.).

If you have the chance to watch this over the next SIX WEEKS (ack!!) you definitely should.


It’s Wednesday!

Last night was Halloween.  The final product:

It's me, Wednesday Addams

It’s me, Wednesday Addams

My costume was a success – I apparently creeped many people out – including my mother who didn’t recognize me at first.

*sigh* Satisfaction.


Wrong Turn

To continue Halloween Week Movie Watching, the other night after teaching my class outside in the cold – and eventually the dark – and then having a client right after – once I got home I, eventually, crawled into bed to get my movie watching on.

I chose Wrong Turn.  It’s not an overly long movie (and it was already pretty late) and I’ve seen it a bazillion times.

Via Google

Via Google

It’s creepy and fun and mindless.  And let’s be honest here, the only reason I ever watched it in the first place was for Desmond Harrington.

Desmond Harrington is fine! Via the Google

Desmond Harrington is fine!
Via the Google

(Remember last year when I watched Ghost Ship mainly because this hottie was in it?  Yeah, same reasoning for Wrong Turn.)

I also want to state that I have never seen any of the sequels to this film.  Wrong Turn should be a stand alone movie and not a built-upon franchise to show T&A.  Move on, people!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I am open to suggestions on other scary movies to view.  (I may not heed suggestions but I’ll happily take them.)


A Little Late Night Practical Magic

Last night I wanted to continue my Halloween movie viewing – but it was a busy night (story of my life!) and by the time I was able to relax with a movie it was a little later in the evening so I didn’t want anything too scary – because I’m a big baby and will have to sleep with the light on – so I watched Practical Magic.

via Yahoo

via Yahoo

I’ve loved this movie since the first time I watched it.  It’s a sweet little treat and Sandra Bullock makes me cry every time.

And the movie has everything.  It’s a chick flick for sure with witches

via Yahoo

via Yahoo

and a cutesy love story – AND Aidan Quinn

.....Aidan Quinn ....who is clearly working his way toward a mullet in this movie via Yahoo

…..Aidan Quinn ….who is clearly working his way toward a mullet in this movie
via Yahoo

And it has some scary creepy moments which include a full-on witch coven

via Google

via Google

And it also has this gorgeous piece of architecture

PM House

And, to be a little sneaky, the soundtrack has a few tunes by Stevie Nicks – the White Witch of Rock and Roll (how clever of them)

via Yahoo

via Yahoo


Halloween Week 2015

I’ve been told lately that my blog is missed.


Between working, teaching, studying, courses, training, living, vacationing, and dealing with the crazies, I haven’t really had much time or desire to post.

But since it’s Halloween week I figured it’s a good time to try and get back into things.  And, since my first Halloween post a few years ago (read it HERE) I’ve kind of continued an annual Halloweeny theme.

A few nights ago I had a course in the City and afterwards we decided to hit up a movie.  All I can say is thank goodness it wasn’t Paranormal Activity!  There’s no effing way I’d be seeing that bullshit (last year I got tricked into seeing one of those Insidious movies and nearly had a meltdown).

We watched The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel.

Via Yahoo

Via Yahoo

Let me just add that it didn’t completely suck.  I mean, Vin Diesel is not the best actor in the world – it’s almost hard to watch him sometimes because he’s got no depth and is so over-the-top monotone, but for what it was the movie was okay.  And it was left wide open for a sequel.

And Michael Caine was in it too, and he’s spunky.

The movie wasn’t really scary but it had some “scary” moments in it.

Via Google The Witch Queen

Via Google
The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen was definitely a sight and if you make direct eye contact with her you might not sleep well at night.

What I didn’t like about this movie – aside from Vin Diesel’s bad acting – is that there wasn’t enough witches.  I mean, it’s called the Last Witch Hunter, so you’d think there’d be a little more Witch Hunting in it (Y’all have seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right?  Lots of vamps in that!).  So, Mr. Diesel, my suggestion, if you decide to jump on the sequel bandwagon, is to add more witches to your story.  I need some visuals here, please.

I have a small list of scary movies I’d like to watch this Halloween week but some of them are over the top for me to watch because I’m a big baby and get scared easily.  (Hey, fellow asshole, Jaime, you wanna watch some scary movies with me????)  Stay tuned to see what happens.



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