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Birthday Love

Today is the lovely Drew Barrymore’s 40th birthday!

Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time – or know me at all – you will know that I love this woman.  I have loved her since I saw ET when I was 6.  I love her spirit, her kindness, her down-to-earth-ness.  She just exudes loveliness and beauty and fun.

And when she released her photo book Find It in Everything last year I, of course, purchased it.

Find It in Everything by Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

Find It in Everything by Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

And then I started to find it in everything.  Like here and here and here and here and here and here and here and (well, if you scroll back over the last year or so you’ll get it).

But today….*sigh* the universe has been showing me the love left and right.

First, this morning I was playing with the cat, Winston….he loves playing with elastic bands (he’s a bit of a huge nutball).  So I flung one across the room and this is how it landed:

Rubber Band Love

Rubber Band Love

Then later on I saw this:

Love in my makeup case

Love in my makeup case

I have been using this makeup bag for years….and yet, only this morning did notice the heart in the middle of the pink flower (*Note – as I typed this I noticed the upside down heart in the yellow flower).

And later on when I was taking the compost out the FIRST thing I see on my step going out the door:

Mother Nature is showing me the love today.

Mother Nature is showing me the love today.

Isn’t that just truly special??

Thank you, Ms. Barrymore, for showing me there is love found in everything.  Happy Birthday – now, seriously, let’s be friends??


Snowpocalypse in Nova Scotia

I kid you not……

Remember my last post about my new car??

MissingHondaYeahhhhhh……it’s buried under there somewhere.


Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Tonight I laid a dear old friend to rest.  Well, technically, I just set him aside for a bit. But I fear that, soon, I miss bid him a final farewell.

Nearly eight years ago I welcomed Fernando into my life.



But after a long friendship, one in which Fernando has stuck by my side, through thick and thin, the time has come and I’ve welcomed someone new into my life.

Fernando, you have been a (mostly) faithful friend.  Thank you for your service all these years.  You can still kick ‘er into gear and burn rubber but this is your golden time and I want you to enjoy the rest of it.

That being said, I need a little help naming my new ride.

My first vehicle – an old Chevy Blazer I bought in high school, named Dave, suited her (yes, her) well.  Fernando fit well.  But I’m stuck on the newbie (a suhhh-weet, black, sleek little hottie!)…..  Here are a few options:

Mondale (any B.H. 90210 fans will get the reference)



Any ideas?  I’ll have newbie named by the end of the week….please submit your suggestions.  :)


Target Sucks

I’ve made other posts over the years about my faith and my beliefs and Christianity.  In fact, two years ago I posted this: Jesus is the Reason and questioned why people celebrate something they don’t believe in.

But I have to say that this year the Christmas commercials are almost obscene with greed.

Of course we all talk (repeatedly) about the commercialism of Christmas.  But Target takes the cake this year.  Watch this crap:

This commercial makes me angry.  Really angry!!  “What’d ya get?  What’d ya get?”  Seriously???  I want to punch the people at Target.  Who came up with that crap?

Guess what Target……your greed just lost you a customer.



Christmas Wish List #3

I love records.  Yes, records.  Not CDs, not MP3a, RECORDS!

I have an old stereo system that plays records and has big speakers.  I bought it from a friend many, many years ago for $20 and have cherished it (I also have a still-working Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too record player).  The sound of vinyl is something unmatched.  In fact, Blue Rodeo released an album a few years ago ON VINYL!  Love it.

My record player needs a new needle, unfortunately, but it still plays. (And just to note, Billy Joel’s Piano Man is so incredible on vinyl that I have two copies of it…y’know, just in case.)

One of the best albums out there...

One of the best albums out there…

That’s why I was ecstatic to see that Walmart – yes, Walmart – is selling record players.  Yay for a rewind.

And I have my eye on this little guy:

CROSLEYThe Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable.  It’s only $62.88 at Walmart and it comes in tons of colors.  It’s bomb-diggity.

(People from my family reading this….Please feel free to pass this on to, maybe to a certain guy who may be looking for ideas. :p)

Other peeps reading this, you can order this class-act HERE.


Christmas Wish List #2

I love The Mindy Project.  Mindy Kaling is hilarious and gorgeous and she doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

This week on TMP Mindy wore what I can only refer to as “THE DRESS”.  It is stunning.  Here….see for yourself:

via Mindy Kaling's Facebook

via Mindy Kaling’s Facebook

On her Facebook page, Mindy said “Never got so may compliments about clothes on #themindyproject! This gorgeous cocktail dress was designed for me by my costume designer @salvadorperezcostumes. I can’t with this dress, so flattering.”

I can’t get enough of THE DRESS.  It’s simple, yet breathtaking.  I want it.  I wish I had it. It definitely would be my holiday dress….for life.


Christmas Wish List #1

It’s that time of year again – when I fill your inbox with some of my favorite things and a few items on my wish list.  Yep! You’re welcome!

The first item on my list is actually on both lists – favorite and wish.  It’s Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea.

I’m not a big tea drinker – in fact, I am almost willing to bet I have the wrong genes as I am the only person in my family (that’s including aunts, uncles, cousins) who doesn’t drink tea.  And back in the day I tried to make myself a tea drinker.  Amy Whoreface and I would have little tea parties all the time and try out different flavors.  I usually thought they were gross and would want to douse them with sugar.

But recently a coworker has showered me with love this wonderful tea called Good Earth.  The flavor is Sweet & Spicy and it’s exactly that.

Good Earth

Honestly, I cannot get enough.  I’ve been drinking the caffeine free because I’m partaking in this torturous wonderful elimination diet for my adrenals and I’m off caffeine (and sugar and white flour and…..and it sucks!) and the tea is so delicious.  Yeah, I said it, tea.is.delicious.

Unfortunately, my supply is limited for two reasons: 1) my wonderful co-worker is nearly out and 2) it’s only available in the US.  Whaaat?  Whyyyyy?  (Pssstt…any of my American friends want to send me some tea?  *GRIN*)

So, until I can find a friend to pick me up a few boxes while travelling I have to sip slowly.



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