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Dopplegangers 3

You all must know by now how much I love my lookalikes posts from my first and second doppelgangers posts.  Apparently I think everyone in La La Land looks like someone else.  So, I’m uber excited to get started on this next set of personalities.

So, let’s start with peeps from my new favorite tv show, Battle Creek, which is also home to my new future husband, Dean Winters (*sigh*):

#1 Dean Winters – This guy has so much friggin’ swagger it makes me want to cry.  He is, I’d say, the sexiest man on television right now!!

I mean, c'mon, those cheek bones, that smolder....

I mean, c’mon, those cheek bones, that smolder….


Christopher Bolton – Remember Christopher Bolton?  He played Kirk on My Secret Identity (with Jerry O’Connell) back in day and he was adorable.  when I was a youngin’ and had my big crush on him he was friends with the son of my dad’s good friend (didja follow that?).  My dad took me to meet this guy and I was super duper gung-ho but pussied out at the last minute and wouldn’t go downstairs to meet him.  Stupid 12 year old me!!!!!

Again....those cheek bones.

Again….those cheek bones.

#2 Josh Duhamel – I’ve said and heard this before about JD….but let’s do a little comparison, shall we?

There must be a prerequisite for a smolder to work on Battle Creek

There must be a prerequisite for a smolder to work on Battle Creek


Timothy Olyphant

JUSTIFY my love (see what I did there?)

JUSTIFY my love (see what I did there?)

Do you see it?  Let’s try again, just to be sure:

Josh Duhamel:

Josh Duhamel laughing

Timothy Olyphant:

Timothy Olyphant laughingAND, if JD and TO had a love child gay cousin:

Ryan Seacrest

Who else wants to thunder punch Ryan Seacrest in the face??

Who else wants to thunder punch Ryan Seacrest in the face??

#3 Janet McTeer – This lady is on Battle Creek too and, although I doubt I’ve ever heard of her before she’s been on my nerves reminding me of another actor (plus, she does this really weird thing with her lips and it makes me want to thunder punch her a bit too – enough with the duck face, people!):

Janet McTeerLaurie Metcalf – from Roseanne….that was a really great show.

Laurie MetcalfLet’s try another take:


Janet McTeer 2LaurieLaurie Metcalf 2

Next up:

Oh wait, let’s go back to my boyfriend Dean for a minute:

#4 Dean Winters: There’s something in one of the promo shots – from a scene in the second episode – that has been very familiar to me:

I know it's hard but PRETEND Josh is not in this photo...I mean, try really hard, would ya?

I know it’s hard but PRETEND Josh is not in this photo…I mean, try really hard, would ya?

Desmond Harrington: Back when Desmond first popped up in Dragnet with Al Bundy there was this shot of him…..

He looks so angry but he's soooo cute!

He looks so angry but he’s soooo cute!

#5 Theo James – who I refer to as “that kid from Divergent” – is sooooo familiar looking…I wonder if anyone else has picked up on it:

Theo James

Antonia Sabato Jr. – Remember him?

Antonio Sabato

Just in case you don’t see it:

Theo James 2


Antonia Sabato 2

I mean, ya gotta see it, right?

#6 If Amanda Seyfried:

Amanda Seyfried

and Michelle Pfeiffer:

Michelle Pfeiffer

had a love child…..you’d maybe get:
Izabella Miko (from Coyote Ugly – and virtually nothing else):

Izabella Miko

#7 Ross Marquand – Okay, so this dude popped up in The Walking Dead not too long ago:

Ross Marquand

and I was like, “What the hell is Eric Foreman doing in Atlanta??”

Topher Grace:

Topher GraceThat Ross guy is actually really talented and you should all go to YouTube and check out his impressions….they’re astounding.  In the meantime, let’s have another look at these two cats:


Ross Marquand 2Foreman Topher:

Topher Grace 2

#8 And since we’re talking about Topher Grace let’s have a look at him:

Topher Grace 4

and comedian/actor Jay Malone (who, by the way, is a friend of mine and is very funny and you should check out his comedy act because he’s always been a bit of a smartass and it’s paying off which means there’s hope for me!):

If you watch Jay in anything  you can really see the resemblance in EVERYTHING he does to Topher Grace.

If you watch Jay in anything you can really see the resemblance in EVERYTHING he does to Topher Grace.

#9 Robert Knepper – Oh man!  This dude is badass and so talented. He looks a little like a gypsy, often plays a bad guy (or just a real dick!):

Robert Knepper


Stephen McHattie: Who, by the way, is also from Nova Scotia!

Stephen McHattie#10 Britt Robertson: A few years ago I saw Britt in The Secret Circle:

Britt Robertson…and she looks and shares performance characteristics with:

Michelle Williams:

Oh, how we miss Dawon's Creek

Oh, how we miss Dawon’s Creek

But then again,

#11 Britt

Britt Robertson 2

Also resembles:

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

This is not the real Buffy....I do NOT see Kristy Swanson or Luke Perry, thank you very much!

This is not the real Buffy….I do NOT see Kristy Swanson or Luke Perry, thank you very much!

#12 Nate Torrence – I really want to be friends with this guy.  He’s so funny and always plays the most lovable, adorkable characters – and that’s me – loveable and adorkable (although I can still thunder punch people like nobody’s business!)

Nate Torrence

Lochlyn Munro:

These two should actually do a buddy comedy.

These two should actually do a buddy comedy.

#13 Um, yeah, so months ago there was this chick on Judge Judy and I took a screen cap of her and sent it to fellow Asshole, Jaime and asked her if she saw the resemblance – which she did – so, I’m not a complete jerk!

Judge Judy Chick:


and (I’m so going to hell for this)

Wanda from In Living Color (aka Jamie Foxx):




It’s My Boyfriend’s Birthday!

Okay, not my real boyfriend. It’s my Blair-gives-me-permission-just-like-Rachel-gave-Ross-permission-in-that-episode-of-Friends-with-Isabella-Rossellini-pretend-boyfriend.

Today is Cole Hauser’s 40th Birthday.

via source

via source

This guy who I’ve fantasized over since I was 15.

via my dreams

via my dreams

And I haven’t been 15 in a very, very long time (*ahem* although I am still claiming I’m 23 so, y’know, just for shits and giggles let’s all keep that between us, shall we?).

And the first thing I saw him in (when I was 15) was School Ties when he looked like this:

It's that red hair.....

It’s that red hair…..

I’ve supported his career since day 1 – which included (Tanya R., I’m soooo sorry to admit this/disappoint you) boycotting FRIENDS (oh, the horror!) because it was up against Cole’s show High Incident and I really wanted the ratings to pull through.  I did my best, Cole. I.Did.My.Best.

Look at that adorable little face in the center.

Look at that adorable little face in the center.

I’ve even blogged about him in the past: for instance, here and here.

I’ve watched his “Dinner for Five” appearance a dozen times (which, frankly, was a great little show and you should YouTube the episodes)….the Rory Cochrane story at the end of the episode is hilarious! – check it out: .

And I was super elated to find out he was in Halifax – a mere hour away from me – this past fall filming The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.  How I did not know this information BEFOREHAND pissed me off….Blair and Stephanie (who has been by my side since School Ties) did their best to console me.  Clearly, I was devastated but here’s hoping he comes back to Nova Scotia to make it up to me film again.

Now that I’ve professed my undying and long-lasting love for this guy (one of the longest relationships I’ve ever had), here’s to wishing him a happy birthday.


Break Time with Andrew Pyper

Since the start of the new year I’ve been taking course – so, in addition to my full-time job, my side job of personal training and teaching boot camp, taking fitness classes, and spending time with my man (oh, and of course, shoveling snow.  LET’S not forget that little doozy – it’s certainly been keeping me occupied, to say the least), I’ve had my head buried in course books, doing mini-quizzes, participating in webinars, and trying to complete each chapter module before my big class last weekend.

I was elated last Sunday morning to wake up and not have to study.  Unfortunately, I still have tons of work to do in preparing for my exam, which is going to be excruciating, so I decided I was going to take a little “me” time and read….a real book.  Not a manual.

For the last three years I’ve been reading nothing but John Grisham novels.  I love him.  He is by far my favorite author.  I get so caught up in his books that I just want to gobble them up all.  But this time around I decided to step outside my comfort zone and go back to an old friend:  Andrew Pyper.

I’d read Lost Girls years and years ago.  And it scared the crapola out of me. I’d love to read it again but I’m not ready to take that step yet. Lost Girls is one of several contributing factors as to why I hate the water.  Why I find lakes especially eerie….and why, the summer after I’d read it (and Jaws and Orca) I’d nearly killed my roommate while in the midst of a freak-out during our boating mishap (something I was coaxed into against my better judgement) and caused a bit of a scene on at lakeside.

Although Lost Girls scared me, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book, which is why I picked up another Andrew Pyper hardcover several years ago and put it on the list. I’ve been trying to get through each and every Grisham book I have but this time I just decided to go ahead and read the damn book.  The Guardians.

via Yahoo

via Yahoo

Well let me tell you.  This book played out like a movie in my head.  It was so good – I was completely enthralled with it.  I read and read and read and suddenly it was finished.

It was a great and easy read.  Thrilling, spooky, a little sad.  Of course, the night I finished it I had to sleep with the lights on – no word of a lie – but that’s what a good book does, right?  It wraps you up, entices you, makes you believe things you wouldn’t normally be suckered into believing.  It welcomes you into a whole other world where you want to spend all your time.  And then it’s over and you move on to something else.

I loaned The Guardians to a friend last night and I hope she takes advantage of it and reads it.  And, although I’m about to get started on a new John Grisham book I hope that if you’re a reader (or even if you’re not) and you want to add a little adventure and a little spooky to your days, definitely check out one of Pyper’s books.


PS.  You can read a synopsis for The Guardians here and Lost Girls here.

Birthday Love

Today is the lovely Drew Barrymore’s 40th birthday!

Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time – or know me at all – you will know that I love this woman.  I have loved her since I saw ET when I was 6.  I love her spirit, her kindness, her down-to-earth-ness.  She just exudes loveliness and beauty and fun.

And when she released her photo book Find It in Everything last year I, of course, purchased it.

Find It in Everything by Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

Find It in Everything by Drew Barrymore via Yahoo

And then I started to find it in everything.  Like here and here and here and here and here and here and here and (well, if you scroll back over the last year or so you’ll get it).

But today….*sigh* the universe has been showing me the love left and right.

First, this morning I was playing with the cat, Winston….he loves playing with elastic bands (he’s a bit of a huge nutball).  So I flung one across the room and this is how it landed:

Rubber Band Love

Rubber Band Love

Then later on I saw this:

Love in my makeup case

Love in my makeup case

I have been using this makeup bag for years….and yet, only this morning did notice the heart in the middle of the pink flower (*Note – as I typed this I noticed the upside down heart in the yellow flower).

And later on when I was taking the compost out the FIRST thing I see on my step going out the door:

Mother Nature is showing me the love today.

Mother Nature is showing me the love today.

Isn’t that just truly special??

Thank you, Ms. Barrymore, for showing me there is love found in everything.  Happy Birthday – now, seriously, let’s be friends??


Snowpocalypse in Nova Scotia

I kid you not……

Remember my last post about my new car??

MissingHondaYeahhhhhh……it’s buried under there somewhere.


Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Tonight I laid a dear old friend to rest.  Well, technically, I just set him aside for a bit. But I fear that, soon, I miss bid him a final farewell.

Nearly eight years ago I welcomed Fernando into my life.



But after a long friendship, one in which Fernando has stuck by my side, through thick and thin, the time has come and I’ve welcomed someone new into my life.

Fernando, you have been a (mostly) faithful friend.  Thank you for your service all these years.  You can still kick ‘er into gear and burn rubber but this is your golden time and I want you to enjoy the rest of it.

That being said, I need a little help naming my new ride.

My first vehicle – an old Chevy Blazer I bought in high school, named Dave, suited her (yes, her) well.  Fernando fit well.  But I’m stuck on the newbie (a suhhh-weet, black, sleek little hottie!)…..  Here are a few options:

Mondale (any B.H. 90210 fans will get the reference)



Any ideas?  I’ll have newbie named by the end of the week….please submit your suggestions.  :)


Target Sucks

I’ve made other posts over the years about my faith and my beliefs and Christianity.  In fact, two years ago I posted this: Jesus is the Reason and questioned why people celebrate something they don’t believe in.

But I have to say that this year the Christmas commercials are almost obscene with greed.

Of course we all talk (repeatedly) about the commercialism of Christmas.  But Target takes the cake this year.  Watch this crap:

This commercial makes me angry.  Really angry!!  “What’d ya get?  What’d ya get?”  Seriously???  I want to punch the people at Target.  Who came up with that crap?

Guess what Target……your greed just lost you a customer.




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