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My Silly Little Life

Last night I went to visit my friend Melissa.  We had some wine and around 11pm I thought it would be a good idea to go outside and bounce on the kids’ trampoline.  Well…..I was RIGHT!!  It was soooooo much fun!  I had a blast.

This morning I woke up to sunshine (yay!) and had not much desire to do anything….but I can never go for long without doing something so I decided to head out for a hike.  I mean, I might as well take advantage of this weather while it’s here.

So off I went.  It was a great adventure – just me – and I soaked up sunny rays and fresh air and nature (and I swear I heard a bear…..OR the Blair Witch….but maybe it was something else?  I dunno, but I didn’t stick around in one place for too long….hadsta keep movin’ on).  Once I finished my groovy hike I figured I should also do something else productive since I still had most of the day so I went into the office and worked for a few hours.  (Seriously…I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!)

But now I’m home alone on a Sunday evening and I’m so damn bored.  And I’m annoyed at a friend because he’s been being a douchebag for the last 40 hours and irritating the hell out of me.  HELLO?  It takes 8 seconds to reply to a freakin’ text…>GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

Anyways, that’s my day and my rant.  I’m going to sit back and try and figure out something to do to occupy myself for the next few hours so that I don’t go out of my mind or stay in this crappy mood.



Party at the Moon Tower

Please, peeps, don’t remind me that I SUCK lately.  I’m well aware.  But here I am attempting to contribute to my blog on the second day of Spring with the temperature at 24 degrees.  Yes, that’s right.  In Nova Scotia today (March 21) the temperature is warmer than in Honolulu, Hawaii (at 22 degrees).  CRAZY!  Normally this time of year we are still knee-deep in snow.  But here I am in mid-March in flip flops  (Hallelujer!!) and with the windows open.  It’s beautiful.

The weather has me feeling a little nostalgic, which I always seem to get when Spring hits.  And for a while I’ve been wanting to post about the Party at the Moon Tower and feel like today’s weather is more than fitting to do so.

So, in case you’re not familiar, “Party at the moon tower” is a phrase from the movie Dazed and Confused.  If you haven’t seen that movie then you really should….seriously.  Go do it now after reading this post!!

The initial party that’s planned in the movie is scrapped so the kids rally together and plan a beer bust at the moon tower (a huge plot of land basically in the woods with a giant “moon tower” that lights up the place like a baseball stadium.  It’s a huge party with tons of kids (high school students), drinking, etc.

Well, when I was a senior in high sch0ol I decided that I wanted to throw a big party like that (however my party was BYOB – I was not supplying the kegs).  My BFF Kim and I decided that we were gonna do it and the word spread.

We did not have a Moon Tower, however, we had (have) what is the Reservoir.  It’s a place where we used to go swimming and sunning and hiking.  And this particular night it was the party place.  In order to get there you have to park at the bridge (if you’re local, you know what I’m talking about) and walk for probably 20 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve been there in 15 years ….maybe it’s shorter, maybe it’s farther.  I dunno.  But it’s a long walk.  And late at night in the pitch dark, it’s pretty far.  But, if you’re tough and you keep walking, just before the dam there is a huge opening….and this is where we centralized our party.

What was planned for a semi-large group of friends turned into something kinda unbelievable.   Kids from all over the place showed up.  We had a huge bonfire going and herds and herds of teenagers just kept showing up.  There were kids there from other schools that I didn’t even know.  My older brother and a group of his friends showed up….it was awesome.  We partied.  We drank.  We sang.  We gabbed.  We laughed.  It was so much fun and I wish I could do shit like that again and again….but I’m too old now.  Damn!  I wish I was still in high school.

My friend Francis always gets pissed when I talk about high school.  I don’t think he liked his high school experience.  I didn’t necessarily like all of mine but I did love that party!  And high school sure as hell beats working for a living.  (Although I totally love my new job!)

I wish I had pictures from that party…unfortunately, that was before camera phones and digitals.  One of the biggest memories from that night is my idiot brother being hammered and knocking over my stereo, which he thought that he broke and in turn, tossed it in the fire.  Duh!!   It was retrieved and still works.  🙂

Anyways, that’s my Moon Tower story and a blog post.  So now I don’t feel as guilty.  🙂


Things I Learned in College

Well, it’s been way too long since my last post but my new job has me running ragged and I’m so tired all the time.  Actually, I don’t think it’s so much the new job as it is my thyroid.  I’ve had a requisition from the doctor to have blood work done since just after Christmas but dragging my ass out of bed at 6am is just not my cup of tea.  😦  One of these days I will get to the blood lab.  In the meantime, here’s a little post.

Things I Learned in College

#1 – If you show up late for class, drunk, and tell your instructor you had an allergy attack, she will believe you and let you off the hook.  (It also helps when you and your sidekick are teacher’s pets.)

#2 – If you get a parking ticket on a daily basis because you continue to park in loading zone, you can realize that you can save the ticket and re-stick it in your window every morning and continue to park in said no parking zone.

#3 – If you jam your finger when working at a charity event you’ve organized and develop blood poisoning from your injury, the doctor will see you at emergency, will tell you it will get worse and expects to see you again in a day or two (as opposed to just dealing with the issue at the time), and send you home, only to see you again the following day (as expected) after you’ve passed out in class.  He will then hook you up with IVs (including morphine), cut your finger open and proceed to hit on you (in front of your mom!!).

If you look closely at my hand you can see my bandage.

#4 – If you break your ankle on a job interview (as part of your practicum) it will guarantee a position with the company and make you famous at your campus.  (It also helps that you have a winning personality, great sense of humor and be an honors student.)

# 5 – When you pass your dad, who is faculty, in the halls on a daily basis, he will ignore you.

#6 – When you and a dozen or so of your friends skip class to hang out in the student lounge and watch “A Walk to Remember”, it is guaranteed that you will all bawl like babies, including the 6 guys with you, causing stares from the numerous passersby in the halls.

#7 – When working on an accounting project in the computer lab, porn WILL pop up, even tho your campus has spam blockers.  (You will also encounter several more pop ups for each time you attempt to exit out of said pop ups.)

#8 – While away from said computer lab to attend a physio appointment for said broken ankle, the computer you were using will continue to pop up porn in your absence.  Your instructor (and friends) will think this is hilarious and not classify you as a pervert.

#9 – Visiting the BK Lounge twice in one day or on a 4 day a week basis is not a nutritional diet but does yield way for phone numbers from potential suitors.

#10 – Spending way too much time (i.e. 15 hours a day, 6-7 days a week) with college BFF/co-student government rep/sidekick will cause the following

a) her cell phone to ring constantly for you because everyone knows that where she is, you are

b) her to be your “ambulance driver” per your numerous injuries

c) her to write your last name as hers when signing into a lab because you do spend too much time together and, well,  it’s just been one of those days

You start to dress a little bit alike, too!

#11 – Having one of your father’s students tell you he wants you to enter and win a wet t-shirt contest will cause that student to fail (see my previous post “The Wet T-Shirt Story” https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2007/03/11/the-wet-t-shirt-story/)

#12 – When you are in charge of co-organizing every friggin’ event, including the awards ceremony, and have a hair appointment and a doctor’s appointment the same day as said ceremony, and your hair turned out too light but you have to run to get to the doctor (re. broken ankle) and don’t have time in between appointment and awards ceremony to fix said light hair you make do with what you’ve got and proceed to get a little drunk for the evening*. 🙂

The too blond hair that didn't get corrected in time.

* The best part of this story is that Heather and I co-organized this event (with all the others) and we decided on $2.00 drinks.  Each time I “marched” down the aisle to accept an award my dad, who is faculty and was sitting close to the podium, would hand me a Toonie for another drink.  It made for a good night.  Especially since I accepted about 14 or 15 awards that night!  (No, I didn’t drink that much – pocket change, y’all!)

#13 – When you participate in a Chubby Bunny contest for winter carnival you are there to WIN!!

Okay okay, SECOND place was not so bad!

#14 – When you and said BFF/Co-chair/Sidekick SWEAR you’ve had enough and are gonna be drunkish for graduation, you stick by your word…..and end up looking like this:

Hair straightened, but not quite brushed....hungover or still a little drunk? It was a great day!

Hope you had a good laugh!  I loved college!