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Blog Challenge #14 – MY FAVORITE VACATION

#14 – My Favorite Vacation:

So, I grew up travelling a lot.  Summer vacations were always spent camping and touring lots and lots of different places with my parents and sometimes other family members and family friends.
One of my favorite vacations was the summer I was 15.  I went camping with my family and my grandparents.  I don’t remember where we went…somewhere in the US. I believe, but regardless, it was very fun.  Mostly because I remember it as being the last big trip I took with my grandparents.  It was the summer of Mariah Carey and Billy Ray Cyrus (Lord help us on both counts!!) and I remember very vividly picking up Mariah Carey’s UNPLUGGED tape (yes, tape.  NOT CD.) and listening to the over-played “Achy Breaky Heart.”  My Nan LOVED that song.  She would always singing along and she told me which part was her favorite.  My Nannie was a hip, hip lady and in the early 90’s she would have only been in her mid-50’s.  She rocked.  The last day of our trip when everyone else was packing up and getting ready for us  to head home Nan asked me to do her makeup.  It was fun.  I loved that time with her.  And I totally did not make her look like a whore.  Haha.  But she would have loved it no matter what I did.
Another great vacation was a few years ago when I went to Mexico with Steph and her mom.  It was SOOOOO warm.  I loved it.  We spent lots of time on the beach soaking up the glorius golden sun and we visited the Mayan Ruins.  My favorite day, however, was when Steph and Jan went off on a snorkeling trip and I stayed at the resort on my own.  I owned my independance that day.  I went to the beach on my own.  I ate lunch on my own.  I visited the gift shops and the business center on my own.  It was a great day and a great trip.


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