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Christmas Wish List #3

I love records.  Yes, records.  Not CDs, not MP3a, RECORDS!

I have an old stereo system that plays records and has big speakers.  I bought it from a friend many, many years ago for $20 and have cherished it (I also have a still-working Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too record player).  The sound of vinyl is something unmatched.  In fact, Blue Rodeo released an album a few years ago ON VINYL!  Love it.

My record player needs a new needle, unfortunately, but it still plays. (And just to note, Billy Joel’s Piano Man is so incredible on vinyl that I have two copies of it…y’know, just in case.)

One of the best albums out there...

One of the best albums out there…

That’s why I was ecstatic to see that Walmart – yes, Walmart – is selling record players.  Yay for a rewind.

And I have my eye on this little guy:

CROSLEYThe Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable.  It’s only $62.88 at Walmart and it comes in tons of colors.  It’s bomb-diggity.

(People from my family reading this….Please feel free to pass this on to, maybe to a certain guy who may be looking for ideas. :p)

Other peeps reading this, you can order this class-act HERE.


Christmas Wish List #2

I love The Mindy Project.  Mindy Kaling is hilarious and gorgeous and she doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

This week on TMP Mindy wore what I can only refer to as “THE DRESS”.  It is stunning.  Here….see for yourself:

via Mindy Kaling's Facebook

via Mindy Kaling’s Facebook

On her Facebook page, Mindy said “Never got so may compliments about clothes on #themindyproject! This gorgeous cocktail dress was designed for me by my costume designer @salvadorperezcostumes. I can’t with this dress, so flattering.”

I can’t get enough of THE DRESS.  It’s simple, yet breathtaking.  I want it.  I wish I had it. It definitely would be my holiday dress….for life.


Christmas Wish List #1

It’s that time of year again – when I fill your inbox with some of my favorite things and a few items on my wish list.  Yep! You’re welcome!

The first item on my list is actually on both lists – favorite and wish.  It’s Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea.

I’m not a big tea drinker – in fact, I am almost willing to bet I have the wrong genes as I am the only person in my family (that’s including aunts, uncles, cousins) who doesn’t drink tea.  And back in the day I tried to make myself a tea drinker.  Amy Whoreface and I would have little tea parties all the time and try out different flavors.  I usually thought they were gross and would want to douse them with sugar.

But recently a coworker has showered me with love this wonderful tea called Good Earth.  The flavor is Sweet & Spicy and it’s exactly that.

Good Earth

Honestly, I cannot get enough.  I’ve been drinking the caffeine free because I’m partaking in this torturous wonderful elimination diet for my adrenals and I’m off caffeine (and sugar and white flour and…..and it sucks!) and the tea is so delicious.  Yeah, I said it, tea.is.delicious.

Unfortunately, my supply is limited for two reasons: 1) my wonderful co-worker is nearly out and 2) it’s only available in the US.  Whaaat?  Whyyyyy?  (Pssstt…any of my American friends want to send me some tea?  *GRIN*)

So, until I can find a friend to pick me up a few boxes while travelling I have to sip slowly.


The Return of Elf on the Shelf

It’s that time of year again….when that dreaded Elf on the Shelf returns and my Facebook news feed is bombarded with all my friends’ photos of their stupid Elves and their respective antics.

Ya know what?  I hate that elf.

Abby got an Elf on the Shelve last year before Christmas and this past weekend Sparkle returned.

elf-on-the-shelfAbby was ecstatic that Sparkle showed up but I was busy rolling my eyes and wondering what kind of annoyances that little freak would be up to for the next couple of weeks.  So far, the only real trouble she got into was spilling cereal all over the damn kitchen table.  What an asshole!!

Abby said not to worry tho because Sparkle would clean up her mess with her magic before the next morning.

My biggest issue with the EotS is that creepy gaze of hers….what is she always staring at???

Yeeahhhh....I'll be sleeping with one eye open, thank you.

Yeeahhhh….I’ll be sleeping with one eye open, thank you.

I mean…look at that face up there….^ ^ ^….tell me that’s not the face of a killer.

These guys definitely have the right idea.

These dogs and I are kindred spirits

These dogs and I are kindred spirits



Warning….spoilers below.  But I am too beside myself (over a damn TV show) to give a crap!

WTF?  Shocked.  Blindsided.

I am without words.



via AMC

via AMC

First Christmas Movie of 2014

I’ve really been trying not to rush the season.  In fact, I’m having a difficult time that we are nearing the end of November. I mean seriously….when did that happen??

Regardless of me being lost in time, December is upon us, as is Christmas.  And it seems that Halloween was narrowly over when Christmas movies began playing on TV…..way to rush the season, folks.

Now, normally I don’t like to rush things and I’m certainly not even close to being ready for Christmas or any of the things that come with it.  But last weekend I did nestle in with a fuzzy blanket to watch my first Christmas movie of this season.

Hallmark Channel’s North Pole with Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen.  (Sorry, I know she dropped the ‘Amber’ but I she’s 90210 alum and I don’t know her by anything other than Tiffani Amber Thiessen.)

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I decided to watch this movie was because it was starring a 90210 alum and I feel like I’m part of the Peach Pit/West Beverly gang so I needed to support my friend.

This was a cute little movie.  Nothing spectacular.  Very cliche.  But cute.  Watch the trailer:

I had a hard time believing Tiffani as the motherly type because I really can only think of her as Valerie Malone….but she was decent in this movie.  She shared a lot of characteristics with Valerie (independent, {semi} sassy, smart) but I wasn’t fully able to differentiate from the two people characters.  Maybe I’m stuck in wanting 90210 to still be a number one show….and not just in my book.

The North Pole in this film was interesting.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

It wasn’t the quintessential, quaint little place we’re lead to believe it is in other movies.  In North Pole it was a huge, sparkling city….and y’all know how I feel about shit that sparkles.  Yay!  I really want to go to this North Pole.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

My biggest annoyance with the movie was Bailee Madison’s over-acting.  Which is funny because if you remember my recent post from Halloween I said the best part of the shitty movie I watched was her acting abilities.  Now she’s gone too far..pull it back, Bailee….pull it back.

But like I said, it was a cute little starter movie for the holidays.  I would recommend watching it….as long as you’re not looking for award-worthy stuff.  This is Christmas fluff.  :)



It’s Gonna be a Great Week!

A few years ago I published a portion of My Bucket List and while I still hold true to the items on that list, I left a few very important items off and this week I am fulfilling two from my (unpublished) bucket list.

#1 – Jury Duty – That’s right.  I am the lame-o chick who’s always wanted to fulfill her civic duty and a month ago my name got drawn…I’ve been called for jury duty.  Whoo hoo!

Well, technically I’ve been called to jury duty selection but we’ll keep our fingers crossed on that. I’m looking forward to it.

#2 – See Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert.

Blue Rodeo, Lynryd Skynyrd, The Band (and the New Kids on the Block, clearly) are all bands on my bucket list.  And I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Blue Rodeo (several times AND meeting Jim Cuddy) and NKOTB

Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy and a crazy fan

Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and a crazy fan

New Kids road trip to Montreal - Dream Come True (that's me with the red necklace)

New Kids road trip to Montreal – Dream Come True (that’s me with the red necklace)

Unfortunately, since half of The Band is deceased, it saddens me that that dream won’t become a reality (thank goodness for The Last Waltz).

But, next weekend I’ll be front and center with Lynyrd freakin’ Skynyrd!!  Color this girl EXCITED!

SKYNYRDKeep your fingers crossed for me on the jury selection.  :)  And tell me…what’s on your bucket list?



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