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First Christmas Movie of 2014

I’ve really been trying not to rush the season.  In fact, I’m having a difficult time that we are nearing the end of November. I mean seriously….when did that happen??

Regardless of me being lost in time, December is upon us, as is Christmas.  And it seems that Halloween was narrowly over when Christmas movies began playing on TV…..way to rush the season, folks.

Now, normally I don’t like to rush things and I’m certainly not even close to being ready for Christmas or any of the things that come with it.  But last weekend I did nestle in with a fuzzy blanket to watch my first Christmas movie of this season.

Hallmark Channel’s North Pole with Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen.  (Sorry, I know she dropped the ‘Amber’ but I she’s 90210 alum and I don’t know her by anything other than Tiffani Amber Thiessen.)

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I decided to watch this movie was because it was starring a 90210 alum and I feel like I’m part of the Peach Pit/West Beverly gang so I needed to support my friend.

This was a cute little movie.  Nothing spectacular.  Very cliche.  But cute.  Watch the trailer:

I had a hard time believing Tiffani as the motherly type because I really can only think of her as Valerie Malone….but she was decent in this movie.  She shared a lot of characteristics with Valerie (independent, {semi} sassy, smart) but I wasn’t fully able to differentiate from the two people characters.  Maybe I’m stuck in wanting 90210 to still be a number one show….and not just in my book.

The North Pole in this film was interesting.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

It wasn’t the quintessential, quaint little place we’re lead to believe it is in other movies.  In North Pole it was a huge, sparkling city….and y’all know how I feel about shit that sparkles.  Yay!  I really want to go to this North Pole.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

My biggest annoyance with the movie was Bailee Madison’s over-acting.  Which is funny because if you remember my recent post from Halloween I said the best part of the shitty movie I watched was her acting abilities.  Now she’s gone too far..pull it back, Bailee….pull it back.

But like I said, it was a cute little starter movie for the holidays.  I would recommend watching it….as long as you’re not looking for award-worthy stuff.  This is Christmas fluff.  :)



It’s Gonna be a Great Week!

A few years ago I published a portion of My Bucket List and while I still hold true to the items on that list, I left a few very important items off and this week I am fulfilling two from my (unpublished) bucket list.

#1 – Jury Duty – That’s right.  I am the lame-o chick who’s always wanted to fulfill her civic duty and a month ago my name got drawn…I’ve been called for jury duty.  Whoo hoo!

Well, technically I’ve been called to jury duty selection but we’ll keep our fingers crossed on that. I’m looking forward to it.

#2 – See Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert.

Blue Rodeo, Lynryd Skynyrd, The Band (and the New Kids on the Block, clearly) are all bands on my bucket list.  And I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Blue Rodeo (several times AND meeting Jim Cuddy) and NKOTB

Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy and a crazy fan

Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and a crazy fan

New Kids road trip to Montreal - Dream Come True (that's me with the red necklace)

New Kids road trip to Montreal – Dream Come True (that’s me with the red necklace)

Unfortunately, since half of The Band is deceased, it saddens me that that dream won’t become a reality (thank goodness for The Last Waltz).

But, next weekend I’ll be front and center with Lynyrd freakin’ Skynyrd!!  Color this girl EXCITED!

SKYNYRDKeep your fingers crossed for me on the jury selection.  :)  And tell me…what’s on your bucket list?


Happy Halloween



Well the day has finally arrived.  It’s Halloween.

I’ve had my costume planned since last year but never got around to doing anything about it until two nights ago.  So, in a mad dash I rummaged through my closet trying to find out what I had and what I needed.   Then I mad-dashed on my lunch break yesterday to get the remaining items and last night after getting home my my classes at almost 10′o’clock I finished up the remaining few details…sewing here and there.

I waited allllll day to put on my costume.

Me Mary Poppins

Why…it’s Mary Poppins.

Yep, that’s me.

I had to go to the grocery store in that outfit.  I got plenty of compliments and a couple of odd looks.  (It’s Halloween people!  Lighten up!)  I have two costume parties to go to tomorrow night.  One of them I’ll definitely be rocking this costume you….the other party is a themed party but, albeit keeping with the them, I’m gonna throw some originality in there too.

And now I’m home and my plan for the night is to sit back with a glass of wine (check) and watch Scream 4 and maybe Monster Squad.

I had waited and waited for so long for Scream 4 to be released but I suck and never got to see it in theater.  Then when I did finally watch it it was a shitty version and I missed half of what was going on.  So here’s hoping tonight will be better.

Monster Squad is freakin’ awesome movie.  I talked a little bit about it a while ago (you can read it here).  And even though it’s technically aimed at kids, it’s still scares me. I recommend it. For adults.  Don’t let your kids watch this crap…you’ll be spoon-feeding them cough syrup just to get them to sleep.


Ghostbusters Pumpkin Art

Bill Murray is bombdiggity.  And a girl I know made these freakin’ pumpkin carvings.

Ghostbusters Carvings

I mean, the talent…I.can’t.even!!

If I were Bill Murray I would tell that girl:





Porcupine and Pumpkin


This video made my day.  I think I’m in love with Teddy.

(I also do not condone a porcupine as a house pet but this dude seems to be loved.)

You’re welcome!


Jeepers Creepers

If  you haven’t seen Jeepers Creepers then do yourself a favor and watch it.

It’s not super scary but it is creepy as hell.

From the opening sequence when we’re first introduced to that menacing jalopy truck that torments our main peeps, reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s Duel…we’re just left in dangling suspense.

Jeepers Creepers truck

So the story: Trish and Darry, sister and brother heading home for Spring Break on the back roads of inbreederville, are tormented briefly while driving.  Shortly after they drive past an old church, see the old truck and the “Creeper” tossing a body down a hole.  The Creepers sees them seeing him and soon enough he runs them off the road.  That’s when Dumb and Dumber make the WRONG decision to go back and check down the hole.***

***NOTE:  If you ever find yourself in a horror movie scenario and there is an option of going back to check to see what’s been thrown down a hole/check out an abandoned house/visit a graveyard (especially after dark)/get in a car with a stranger/etc.  DO NOT DO IT!!!!  It’s that simple.  DON’T GO!  Stay the eff put or get the hell out of there but DO NOT make the wrong decision.  ANYTHING you have to be talked into is the wrong decision. <<– And THAT right there is your advice for the day!  Heed it!

This movie isn’t the best one out there.  In fact, while re-watching it I was left bored at times. But the little subtleties thrown in are great (if you can catch them), and when we’re hit with the Creeper……Yikes.

Jeepers Creepers 1And even more Yikes when we see the old bugger full-blown pissed off!


WTF?? Bad day???

It’s a fun movie and the ending is kinda cool, kinda gross.

Watch it and enjoy it.


Ghost Ship


Okay, so I’m not gonna lie.  When I originally watched this movie years ago it was solely for Desmond Harrington.

Those eyes.... Those cheekbones.....

Those eyes….
Those cheekbones…..

Remember Desmond Harrington?  He is fine.

That smile... Those teeth!!

That smile…
Those teeth!!

I was fresh from seeing him in Wrong Turn and had to rewind life to go back and watch Ghost Ship (which was released the year before).  I really didn’t like it but I watched it more than once JUST because Desmond Harrington is so hot.

And, of course, the more I watched it the more I liked it.  I picked out some little details I hadn’t noticed in my original viewing and I’ve sort of grown to like it.  Which is why I put this little gem on my list to watch this Halloween countdown.

This movie has plenty of creepiness.

This kid:


Eery scenery:


The sexy Gabriel Byrne:


And water.  Tons of water.  And y’all know how I feel about water…and boats…and ghosts.  Yikes.

The only thing that keeps me watching every time is Desmond.


Trick or treat.



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