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Christmas Wish List – Part 2

Some of you may not know this about me, but I am a huge Star Wars nerd.  I mean, I’m not a super geek or anything, but I grew up watching Stars Wars (likely where my initial love for Harrison Ford began, followed, of course, by Indiana Jones), I played Star Wars with my brother and cousins, I even have a crazy Chewbacca doll from when a Christmas when I was very little ….this one, actually:


Apparently, these dolls are worth a ton of money these days…especially if they have the ammo belts – WHICH MINE DOES!

And a few weeks ago, while in Florida, I got to meet Chewy himself.  It was an incredible moment for us both. 😉


NEW BEST FRIEND ALERT!!  We had a special moment.  The dude wookie and I are near soul mates.

So, for the past couple of years I have been wanting, desperately, a Han Solo cell phone case.  I mean, this is pretty much the coolest thing ever created.


FYI: I have a crappy Samsung Galaxy S4 (which I hate, btw)

I keep going to order one, but never do.  I have also been wanting, yet, it remains in my unshipped cart, a Daryl Dixon phone case.  Just because it looks super rad (and, of course, because it’s Daryl Dixon):


How fly would my shitty Samsung look wrapped up in leather and wings???

In the meantime, while I wait patiently for Santa to find me, if you see this guy around, will you send him my way?  PLEASE:




Han Solo Cup

I have been away from the blogosphere the last few weeks mostly due to a back injury and not wanting to be sitting (in front of a computer) for any longer than I have to, and partly because my brain feels lazy and I haven’t had any brilliant topics to blog about (although they’re on their way – SOON!). But I stumbled across this this morning and had to post it because it’s awesome.

My new fridge!

Han Solo Fridge

Han Solo Fridge

Isn’t that rad?

Harrison Ford is the coolest and that fridge is bomb-diggity.



When I was really little, like, before school age, I would sometimes crawl into bed with my mom after my dad went to work in the early mornings.  My parents’ room was at the end of the hall….down the hall was my room and then the hall opened into the living room and off to the kitchen.  So, from my parents’ bed, I could look down straight down the hall and into the living room.

One morning I crawled in next to my mom and just before drifting back to sleepyland (as opposed to SandyLand) I was staring down the hall and I SWEAR that there was a monster coming down toward the bedroom.  This thing was tall and covered in hair – it looked like a cross between Big Foot and a Wookie.

big foot

I remember watching it and as it made the corner in front of the bedroom (turning toward my brother’s room and the bathroom) it turned its head and looked at me.

You may think I am cray-cray but I swear on my life that I saw that thing.  To this day I remember everything about those few moments.  We moved out of that house when I was 12 (and I doubt it was haunted as it was a new house when my parents moved in) but I remember the exact set up and seeing that damn thing coming down the hallway.  I don’t think I ever told my mother – or anyone else for that matter – but I verily believe that there was some weird Wookie in my house.

Well hello first husband, Han Solo...you and your Wookie would be more than welcome in my home.

Well hello first husband, Han Solo…you and your Wookie would be more than welcome in my home.


Day #16: If You Could Have 1 Superpower, What Would it Be?

If I could rock one Superpower it would totally be The Force.

may the force be with youThe Force is a freakin’ cool superpower.  I wouldn’t tell anyone I had it….I’d just start doing all kinds of funky stuff with it.   The Force is awesome for the following reasons:

Mind Control – Do I even have to elaborate on why this would be a wicked superpower?  I mean, really?

Enhance natural, physical and mental abilities.

Telekinesis (which means I can go all crazy “Carrie” on your ass), telepathy (I could have really great conversations with other people without saying a word – finally giving reason for the voices in my head), levitation (Stuck in traffic?  The force would lift those other cars and toss them aside – or at least allow me to drive under).

– Get to carry a really cool light saber – which is really awesome way to pack heat.


– Having The Force allows you to hang out with really cool peeps: Yoda, my other boyfriend, Harrison Ford, A WOOKIE!!  (Because every good life should contain a wookie.)

Star Wars







The Kids Are Alright

Last week my nephews participated in a little variety show at their school. Boy 1 (J.- 8) chose not to participate much except he played the “drums” for the big finale to “Gangham Style” (I’ll be so happy when that song passes its peak – although all the kids across the universe seem to love it). Boy 2 (A – 5) decided to do some stand up. He buddied up with a friend and the two of them, dressed as superheroes, stood in front of the entire room and (fully prepared) told jokes. It was adorable. They took turns and passed the mic and their joke cheat-sheet back and forth and got accolades from the audience. *LOVE*

Another little girl with special needs prepared to dance to “Everybody Dance Now” (welcome back, 1990). At first, she was a little skeptical of getting before the crowd but then, her dad, this beautiful man dressed in the Valley Tuxedo (denim-on-denim all – be forewarned of judgement) got up, took her by the hand and, before the entire crowd, danced shimmied rocked-the-eff-out to C&C Music Factory with his daughter. It was the sweetest thing and I had to bite my lip not to cry. *LOVE*

Last night Blair and I made the trip into the City to see Emma-Roo in her play (apparently it was the final exam for her drama class). She did great. Better than I expected, actually. Prior to the play we had to sit thru were honored by the school’s band concert – their final performance of the year. Their choice of music wasn’t too bad – A John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws) piece and then a medley of the songs from Les Mis…my favorite! The best part of this concert, tho, was the drummer kid. He stood in the back, big messy head of thick, dark hipster curls and he rocked out in his own little world. Kid got the music in him. I tried to get a video of him but it was too dark and we were in the back row (where the cool kids sit, yo’). But trust me, the kid got soul. *LOVE*

These kids all get a gold star in my book.


Reasons Why Norman Reedus and I Should Be Friends

So, now that I’ve given in to Blair and Jesse suggesting I watch The Walking Dead, I’ve gotten over my fear of the Zombie Apocalypse taking over my home and I’m completely obsessed with addicted to obsessed with the show and am doing my best to play catch up with the episodes.

And can I just say that I’ve totally jumped on the Daryl Dixon bandwagon.

The Dixon

The dude is completely badass and, the same way I feel that Drew Barrymore and I should be friends, I fully believe that Norman Reedus and I should be buddies (I loved him in Gossip).  Here are just a few reasons why:

1) Norman likes to wear a fedora

Norman Fedora

I like to wear a fedora

Sandy Fedora

2) Norman has a titanium eye-socket (a result from a car accident in 2005)

Norman EYe surg

I just had eye surgery

Sandy Eyepatch

3) Norman likes to flip off the camera

Norman finger 1

Norman finger 2

I like to flip off the camera (this is usually following a bottle  glass or two of wine

Finger 2

finger 3

4) Norman takes great group shots with his friends


Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln

Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln

I love taking group shots with my friends

I'm the bookend on the left

I’m the bookend on the left

Still the bookend on the left

Still the bookend on the left

5) Norman can rock a tiara

Norman Tiara 2

I can rock a tiara AND I’m already kind of a princess

Sandy Tiara

6) Norman makes this face

This Face Norman

Bitch please, I’m always making this face

This face Sandy

7) Norman takes pictures of his cat

Norman Cat 1

I’m eventually gonna end up the crazy cat lady

Sandy Cat 1

8) Norman wears cool concert Tees

Norman concert

Jim Cuddy totally signed my concert shirt


9) Norman likes to stick out his tongue

Norman Tongue

I find absolutely nothing wrong with it


10) Norman likes to give rabbit ears

Norman Rabbit ears

Amy yelled at me after this photo was taken


11) Norman likes to wear sunglass…a lot

Norman Sunglasses

I never leave home without them

The bigger, the better

The bigger, the better

12) Norman and his friends know how to take a good pic

Norman 2 guys & a girl

I like to train my peeps

Sandy 2 guys & a girl

13) Norman rides a motorcycle

Norman Motorcycle

I had a dirt bike growing up (which I drove into a guardrail, tore my kneecap half off and was soon fitted for my plastic bubble)

14) Norman parties with Chewbacca

Norman Wookie

I grew up on Star Wars, plan on naming my first born after his father, HARRISON FORD (Hahaha) and verily believe that the only pet better than my 20 lb cat is a Wookie!


Norman is a cat

I bought this shirt:  https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/here-kitty-kitty/

My Cat Shirt

Well, there you have it….just a few reasons why Norman Reedus and I should definitely be friends.   The only reason I won’t be friends with him – this video:


He says “amazing” way too many times and y’all know how I feel about that: https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/1875/   Tsk Tsk.

But Norman is still cool.

Norman Reedus is Cool


Blog Challenge #23 – MY CELEBRITY CRUSH

#23 – My Celebrity Crush:

Ahhh….celebrity crushes.  We all have them.  They’re wonderful little slips on reality and let us drift off to the land of glamour.

I have had a massive celebrity crush on Cole Hauser since I was 15 when I saw him in School Ties.  He’s one of those actors who doesn’t get nearly enough recognition or appreciation.  He’s so good in everything he does.  And he is the reason I originally boycotted Friends back in the day (his show High Incident was on opposite of Friends and couldn’t compete with the ratings of Must See TV and after two superb seasons it was cancelled).  He’s been in tons of movies and several tv shows, yet, not nearly enough people know who he is.  So I’m telling you: COLE HAUSER IS THE SHIT!!!!

Honoroable mentions:

Scott Caan – I’ve already talked about his Bromance on Hawaii Five-0 and his Golden Globe nomination.  He’s so adorable.  I enjoy Monday nights with him.

Harrison Ford – Hello!!  He is THE MAN.  I grew up watching everything Harrison Ford – from Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Hollywood Homicide (*yawn*).  He is the King of Hollywood.  I love him.  He will forever be referred to as “my future husband” (as is how I referred to him in high school and beyond).

Jim Cuddy – The man with the rich voice.  I can remember, vividly, the first time I heard Blue Rodeo’s Try.  I was 11.  It was a song that stopped me in my tracks.  I had no idea people could sing like that.  And Pull Me Through reignited that flame.  I was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago and he was so funny and gracious.  I even bought the man a glass of wine.  Definitely a highlight of my pathetic little life.  🙂

Cheerio, y’all.